How to search for movies

You are planning an evening at home with friends and, after a tasty dinner, your plans would be to watch a movie all together. Your friends are true cinema lovers and you would like to offer them an engaging film, perhaps with a good story that knows how to keep attention. Maybe you would like to see a recently released film on home video, a film that has thrilled critics and audiences and possibly won some awards. For sure you have many beautiful ideas but if you are here now reading this article, there is certainly a small hitch: you do not know how to look for a film  to read its plot on the Internet and choose it as a proposal for the evening.

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If that’s the way it is, don’t worry, you’ve come to just the right place. In today’s guide I will talk to you about how to search for movies , surfing the Internet and using some practical search engines. You will have the possibility to search for examples starting by genre or year. If, on the other hand, you already have one or two films in mind in particular, you can search for it to read the plot and see the trailer, also reading the reviews.

I’ll also tell you about a search engine for streaming movies that you can use to search for movies to watch, using one of the major streaming on demand services. After this premise, what intrigued you and would you like to know more? Very well, then let’s get to the heart of the matter immediately, I’m sure that, if you use one of the search engines that I will report to you, you will find the film you are looking for and you will be satisfied with the evening spent with your friends. Enjoy your reading and have fun, especially in anticipation of your evening.

F movies

One of the best sites on the Internet that I choose to recommend as a movie search engine is F Movies. Born in 2000, Mymovies is also a well-known cinematographic information magazine that offers a very rich database of all films from 1895 to today. For each film in the database, Mymovies offers reviews and in-depth articles with cards in which it is also possible to read general information, such as cast and duration of the film.

At the level of information portal, Mymovies is a very valid online magazine that offers reviews and in-depth articles on all the films in the database, integrating both the reviews of critics and those of the public. Furthermore, for each film there is an evaluation index which, called fmovies, shows an average satisfaction index, calculated on the basis of the evaluations expressed by critics and audiences.

Among the other most prominent features of Mymovies, integration with a system that shows the programming of a film at the cinema throughout Italy is offered. Mymovies also offers integration with the major streaming platforms on demand, through the Find Streaming tool .

The Movie DB

The Movie DB is an online database of movies and TV series freely editable by users. A sort of Wikipedia, therefore, but specialized in the entertainment sector, with ratings on films and TV series.

Among the strengths of The Movie DB there is certainly its captivating user interface and the presence of essential general information. Unlike Mymovies, in fact, The Movie DB does not offer reviews on the sought-after film, but rather generic ratings indices through immediate graphs, stimulating users to discuss via an integrated forum. The files of the films and TV series are in Italian but the contents written by the visitors of the integrated discussion forum are mainly in English.

If you would like to find out how to search for movies, using The Movie DB, go immediately to the official website at  www.themoviedb.org  and, to start the search for a movie, you can directly type the name of the movie you have in mind in the text field of the search bar.

Internet Movie Database (IMDB)

The Internet Movie Database , commonly known by the acronym IMDB, is a database owned by Amazon.com with information on movies, TV series and their cast of actors and actresses.

The Internet Movie Database offers general information on the films and TV series you are looking for with content written in English. The most interesting feature of the site is undoubtedly the possibility of exploring a file full of singular secondary information (quotes or curiosities, for example) that can be useful for choosing the film or TV series to watch. The site is also full of multimedia content such as photos, videos and trailers.

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