How to secure pallet transportation so that your things remain safe during journey?

Are you looking for a way of transporting a bulk load or something of a very large size? If so, pallet transportation is your safest bet as well as a very convenient solution. How to make sure your cargo arrives safely at its destination? To find out, read on!

Pallet transport is one of the safest way to ship things. A pallet servers as a stable surface for your load, which makes both securing the cargo and transporting it much easier. Moreover, it’s helpful in calculating the space needed in the transporting vehicle (most commonly used pallets have standardized dimensions), which is convenient for the couriers as well. Pallet transport is one of the most popular types of transport jobs the transport providers are looking for. It’s both smart and safe choice, when you need transportation on long, international routes. What do you need to know before hiring a transport provider for such a load?

First of all – where can you get the pallets from? Obviously, you can just buy it – in most of the construction stores or on the Internet. The price ranges from a few dollars up to 20 for a single pallet, depending on the seller and the dimensions of the pallet. Nevertheless before you buy the pallets you need, it’s a good idea to go to your nearby warehouses or large-area stores and ask if they have any pallets they no longer use. It can be a way to obtain good quality pallets completely for free! Whether you are looking for wooden, plastic, or metal pallets. Pallet Racking Suppliers Ltd is a great option for those looking for quality pallets.

The most common type of pallets used in the EU are europallets. Their dimensions as well as the material of which they are made are standardized. All europallets must be treated against invasive species of insects and plant diseases. That makes them safe for every type of loads – even food. While planning your transportation, remember that a standard europallet weights 25 kg. It will considerably affect the total weight of your transport!

How to secure your load properly? Transporting goods on a pallet ensures that your load has a stable base, to which you can easily fasten it. Your main concern should be making sure your cargo won’t fall from the pallet during the transportation. It’s especially important, whenever you are planning international pallet transport. With large-sized loads it’s best to use professional transport belts, as they are the most reliable option and – thanks to how the pallet is built – they are fairly easy to secure properly.

However, when you need to transport a large amount of small items (e. g. boxes), you need to secure the items not only to the pallet but also to one another. In this case the stretch foil will work much better than transporting belts. Remember to securely wrap not only the load itself, but also the load with the pallet. Just be careful – it’s important to properly secure it, but it’s also important to leave a space for the transport provider to place the forklift in.

Are you planning on transporting a few items of irregular shapes on the same pallet? It’s a good idea to place some bubble wrap, cardboard or Styrofoam between them to prevent possible friction ion the road. If your load is fragile, it’s also smart to secure all the edges and protruding elements in bubble wrap or Styrofoam. Please, note, that no matter how many items you are planning to transport on your pallet, none of them can protrude beyond the outline of the pallet. Also, Heavy Haulage is one of the best option for transportation for safe journey.

Looking for  a professional transport provider for pallet shipping? List your items on Clicktrans – there are over 73 thousands of transport provider from all over Europe registered in the service. That means that you will just as easily find a driver for domestic routes and for international pallet transport.

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