How to sell more HVAC maintenance contracts: A complete guide

Maintenance contracts are extremely beneficial to HVAC companies. Contracts allow you to keep stable ties with customers while also providing a more consistent stream of income than dispersed labor.

Selling maintenance contracts to clients, however, can be problematic for certain organizations. Here are some suggestions for increasing maintenance plan sales and profitability.

Ascertain that your staff is aware of the significance of a maintenance contract.

People who can promote something they don’t believe in are a rare species. The majority of people must value the service in order to persuade them.

As a result, you must ensure that your sales team and technicians are both aware of the benefits that a customer will receive if they enroll in your maintenance plan.

Customers benefit from maintenance agreements in a variety of ways, including:

  •         longer service lives for equipment
  •         When repairs are required, they will be less costly.
  •         more likely to avoid problems that require immediate repair
  •         Your maintenance agreements may also include additional benefits such as priority scheduling, labor and part discounts, and so on.

Incentives to sell more HVAC service agreements may benefit your personnel. Some companies attach promotions and reviews to the selling of service contracts, but we prefer to reward experts who go above and above with contract sales.

Giving away stuff such as TVs and gift cards to the technician who sells the most contracts each month is an effective incentive.

Increase the Effectiveness of Maintenance Contract Communication

Once you’ve determined that your technicians understand the significance of the maintenance contract, you must give them with the means and opportunities to transmit that significance to the client. Try the following:

  •         Use this citation: Include information about how much the same service would cost under a contract when providing non-contract customers with an estimate for maintenance or repairs.
  •         Pose inquiries: Some customers simply do not understand what goes into HVAC maintenance. Inquire if they have completed some of the simpler tasks, and if not, offer the maintenance contract (virtually no customers will have done this).
  •         Include the following numbers: How long can a buyer expect a well-maintained furnace to last? How much money will they save on repairs over the life of the air conditioner? Use real numbers wherever possible.
  •         Discuss the following emergencies: People who do not appreciate savings may place a higher emphasis on convenience. Emphasize the inconvenience of emergency repairs and how yearly maintenance can assist clients in avoiding them.

If you want to know how to sell more HVAC maintenance contracts, you have even more options.

Many commercial HVAC companies provide programmes that go above and beyond basic maintenance, such as guaranteed response and repair times, service fee cuts, and extended warranties.

Consider carefully evaluating your targeted commercial clients to see which benefits will be most enticing to them, and then create a new commercial HVAC service contract to meet their needs.

Recognizing HVAC Service Contract Defenses

Here’s a critical step that many HVAC companies overlook.

Articles on websites such as and the Washington Post commonly examine the benefits and drawbacks of signing an HVAC service contract.

If you read those articles and understand the very excellent arguments against HVAC service contracts, you might be better equipped to handle the concerns of clients.

A service contract, for example, may appear unnecessary given that the bulk of new HVAC equipment is protected by some type of manufacturer’s warranty.

However, if you are aware of the limitations imposed by those manufacturers’ warranties, such as the extended wait times for replacement components, you can decrease the misunderstanding.

Provide HVAC maintenance contract choices

Giving clients a choice helps alleviate their concerns about the maintenance plan.

Customers who are concerned about the expense of the plan, for example, may opt for one that is less expensive, shorter, or covers fewer pieces of equipment.

Other clients who may be selling their houses soon would desire transferable contracts to provide bidders with more reason.

Maintain Contact with Customers

How can you persuade clients to renew their maintenance contracts? Maintain contact with them throughout the year so that they are aware of your professional connection and have the opportunity to weigh its value.

You can send emails with special offers, news, and information, as well as Christmas greetings and maintenance reminders before the seasons change.

When the time comes, having an open channel of communication makes it easier to reach out and extend the contract.

How Do Commercial HVAC Service Contracts Differ?

Although selling business service agreements can be more difficult, many of the same methods apply.

The differences begin with the equipment: commercial clients may have varied degrees of climate control needs, varying degrees of access to key equipment, and varying degrees of cost-cutting goals.

While some businesses choose long-term discounts or upfront savings, others prefer cheap service calls. If you want to sell a commercial service contract to a client, you must first understand their special requirements.

Here are a few tips to get you started

  •  Provide discounted or free HVAC system maintenance for all systems. Poorly maintained HVAC equipment gives not only a repair sales opportunity, but also an opportunity to promote ongoing maintenance to assist avert future problems.
  • Allow your sales team to change contracts as needed. If it becomes clear that a client will respond better to longer HVAC maintenance contracts with bigger discounts, the sales professional must be able to personalize and sell that bundle. Otherwise, another company may wind up developing the appropriate contract for their needs and then selling it to them!
  • Consider the cost of electricity. We’re all aware that a poorly maintained HVAC system may have a major influence on your energy expenses, but do the research and translate those estimates into actual prices. A persuasive case might be made if the marginal cost of your maintenance was less than the marginal energy expenses of poorly maintained equipment.

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