How to Send Long Videos from iPhone to Android 3 Proven Methods

Whether you capture images and videos for preserving precious moments in your life or you’re a professional photographer, you have to deal with large file sizes. Today’s sophisticated mobile phones and cameras record videos in a number of formats, including 4K videos, and can produce huge file sizes.

While there is nothing wrong with having such large files if you have ample storage space available, the problem arises when you need to transfer them between devices. If you own an iPhone, for instance, you might often find yourself seeking answers for how to send videos from iPhone to Android.

Fortunately, there are multiple ways to transfer files between your iOS and Android devices, and the best way to send large video files is cloud storage. Let’s explore the best cloud storage options you can use for transferring large videos and find out what other methods are available except cloud storage.

Method 1: Large Free Cloud Storage

Many cloud storage services are available today that offer huge free storage space to their users. They can be used for easy large video transfers from iPhone to Android. Here are a few reasons why cloud storage is the best way to send long videos from iPhone to Android:

  • Cloud storage services offer massive online storage and allow for generous file upload size, unlike email or messaging, which don’t let you upload and send large files.
  • Cloud services make file sharing easier, allowing you to upload large video files from your iPhone and instantly share them with multiple recipients through shareable links.
  • Link recipients can access video files stored in the cloud from anywhere using their Android device.
  • Cloud storage is reliable and rarely faces downtime, which means your videos will be accessible whenever you need them.

Best Free Cloud Storage to Send Videos From iPhone to Android

When you start looking for the best way to send large video files using the cloud, you’ll come across plenty of options. Here we have shortlisted the top three cloud services to make your choice easier:

  • TeraBox: 1TB free cloud storage, 20GB max single-file upload limit
  • Google Drive: 15GB free cloud storage, 750 GB max single-file upload limit
  • OneDrive: 5GB free cloud storage, 250 GB max single-file upload limit
  • Dropbox: 2GB free cloud storage, 2GB max single-file upload limit

It’s clear from the above details that TeraBox is the best cloud storage for sending large video files from iPhone to Android. While Google Drive and OneDrive offer higher limits for single-file upload, it’s practically useless considering the limited amount of free storage on offer. So, if you want to know how to send long videos on iPhone, TeraBox is the answer.

How to Send Large Videos From iPhone to Android Using TeraBox?

With TeraBox being the best cloud storage for transferring large video files from your iPhone to Android, let’s find out how the process works step-by-step.

Step 1: Download and install TeraBox mobile app on your iPhone

Step 2: Launch the app and log in to your TeraBox account

Step 3: Tap the + button and select the files you want to upload and send

Step 4: Once uploaded, open the video and tap Share at the bottom

Step 5: Choose the app you’d like to share it through or copy the direct link and share it with the intended recipients. (You can also set a validity period and privacy on the link.)

Step 6: The recipients can simply open the link on their Android device and download the video from TeraBox.

If you are transferring large videos between your own devices, it is even less of a hassle. Simply upload the video from one end, log in to the same account from the other, and download the videos. TeraBox supports both Android and iOS systems.

Method 2: File Sharing Websites

Still looking for other options for how to send long videos on iPhone? Well, another good option is to use file sharing websites. But it does come with some pros and cons.


  • Simple file-sharing method with easy uploading and link sharing without account creation
  • You get ample file size limits to share large video files
  • Customizable settings like expiration dates and password protection


  • There may be security risks involved as file sharing websites often store your data on third-party servers
  • The privacy of your files may be compromised, as anyone with the link can usually access them
  • You don’t get free unlimited storage as with TeraBox
  • Certain bandwidth limitations may be in place, affecting the transfer speed
  • Not all file types may be supported

How to Send Large Videos from iPhone to Android Using File Sharing Websites

While different websites for file sharing may have a slightly different processes for sending large video files from iPhone to Android, here’s what the typical process should look like. As an example, we’ll be using one of the top file sharing websites, WeTransfer.

Step 1: Go to the file sharing website and click the “Add files” button

Step 2: Select the desired video files you’d like to share

Step 3: Enter sender and receiver emails in the designated fields, or select “Get a link” to share files

Step 4: Type your message (optional)

Step 5: Click “Transfer” to begin uploading the file

Step 6: Once the upload is complete, a download link will be generated, which you can copy and share with anyone you like

Method 3: Transfer Large Videos via Computer

Finally, you can transfer large video files from iPhone to Android using your computer. It may be a bit old-fashioned and have certain limitations, but it’s still effective.


  • More stable transfers compared to wireless methods such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth
  • Opportunity to backup data and keep it safe
  • No privacy issues or data breaches


  • Transfers are not possible without access to a PC
  • Must connect both devices to the computer through cables
  • Compatibility issues are common
  • Not possible to share files with multiple recipients in remote locations simultaneously

How to Send Long Videos On iPhone Through Computer

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to your PC with a USB cable

Step 2: Once the device is recognized, it will appear as a “Portable Device” under “Device Management” in “This PC”

Step 3: Open “Portable Device” on your PC and navigate to Internal Storage > DCIM

Step 4: Select desired videos and copy them to your PC

Step 5: Connect your Android device to your PC

Step 6: Copy video files from your computer and navigate to your Android device from Windows Explorer

Step 7: Paste the files in Internal Storage à DCIM

This will complete file transfer from iPhone to your Android device. You can access the video files on your Android phone now.


If you have always wondered how to send videos from iPhone to Android conveniently, you can do that in several ways. However, the best way to send large video files is to use a reliable cloud storage solution like TeraBox. Your transfers will be super-easy, and you won’t risk compromising your data either. Just upload your files to TeraBox, create a downloadable link, and share it with anyone you like. Download TeraBox on iOS Phone or iPad now and start sharing large video files without any trouble.

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