How to Slash Your Electricity Bill

With some minor lifestyle changes, you can slash your electricity bills with ease. Determining how much you spend on electricity is a great first step.

With the inflation rate constantly rising, high electricity costs can wreak havoc on your budget. You may change your tariff or invest in energy-efficient appliances, but everyday habits are the biggest challenge to reducing power costs.

Below are some practical ways to cut your power bill significantly.

1) Laundry

Your washing machine and dryer use up a big chunk of electricity, but there are ways to use less energy on your laundry:

  • Use cold water with the appropriate cold-water detergent
  • Load your washing machine fully to run it at maximum efficiency
  • Use hanging lines or a clothes horse to dry your laundry in the sun

2) Kitchen

Your refrigerator and freezer run 24 hours a day, but you can save on your power bill by:

  • Thawing frozen food slowly in the fridge
  • Adding a latch to the fridge door to keep children from opening it frequently
  • Replacing the seals if they’re old or damaged
  • Knowing precisely what you want before opening the fridge door

Generally, the fewer times you open your fridge, the more efficiently it runs. In addition to saving refrigeration costs, you can minimise energy loss by using small appliances like the microwave to reheat food instead of your electric oven. Also, run your dishwasher only when it’s full and on the economy setting to use less power.

3) Hot Water

Switch to an off-peak tariff, or switch to solar water heating to cut your energy bills. An off-peak water heating system uses the lowest energy to heat your water. Choose this option if you have a reasonably consistent or predictable schedule in your household. Planning for showers, dishwashing, and other activities that need hot water can save your bills.

On the other hand, install a solar water heater to eliminate this cost on your bill once and for all. Whether you live in it or plan to sell, this is a valuable upgrade for a property.

4) Lighting

Switch your lighting fixtures to energy savers like LEDs. These efficient bulbs produce much better light for much lower wattage and last so long that you won’t have to worry about replacing them.

5) Air Conditioning

Use your home’s features to reduce your reliance on air conditioning. For example, open the windows for natural lighting and fresh air, or close the curtains to keep the heat inside. This way, you adapt to the weather outside as much as possible.

6) Eliminate Standby Power

Standby power consumes more electricity than expected because appliances stay off but still plugged in. Consider unplugging the following devices from the socket if you’re not using them:

  • All devices that use remote controls, e.g. television and sound system
  • Microwaves
  • Desktop computers
  • Phone and laptop chargers

7) Insulation and Repairs

Inspect your property for hot and cold spots that indicate inefficient insulation. Repair your roof, windows, walls, or other parts that waste heat or let in cold air.

These practical steps can reduce your electricity costs effectively. Build sustainable habits around your home and purchase the most energy-efficient devices to keep your bills down in the short and long term.

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