How to Sue a Homeowner for Dog Bite. 5 Things to Know

A dog bite can result in serious injuries with long-term effects. The damages can hinder a person’s ability to perform their daily tasks. 

According to statistics, 4.5 million dog bites are reported each year. The number of dog bites injuries that require medical attention is 800,000. These can be mild or severe attacks. 

A dog can attack and bite an individual at any time or place. Knowing the right thing to do if a homeowner’s dog attacks you is essential. 

Dog Bite Law in Washington DC

Every state has specific dog bite laws. For example, in Washington, dog owners are liable for injuries their dogs might cause to other people. A dog owner can also be a homeowner. 

If a person has not provoked a homeowner’s dog and the dog attacks and injures them, they can seek compensation. Homeowners should be able to pay for the damages because they have an insurance policy that covers dog bites. 

A  personal injury lawyer can also help you get compensation from a homeowner. A team of dedicated lawyers can help you protect your rights when such injuries occur. 

personal injury lawyer Halifax represent you in the courtroom and ensure you get compensated for injuries that are a result of negligence. The monetary compensation can help you get the medical care you require. 

It is also important to know that a dog owner might not be responsible for a dog bite attack in some instances. These instances include.

  • Unlawful trespassing on a homeowner’s property
  • Criminal offense against a homeowner at the time of the attack
  • Teasing or provoking a homeowner’s dog

Dog Attacks on Children

Children can be an easy target for dogs because they are small. They might also suffer serious injuries because they cannot defend themselves when an attack happens. 

If a dog attacks and wounds a child, parents can file a personal injury lawsuit against the dog owner. The dog owner can be sued for negligence and must pay for medical expenses and other compensations. In case of death, the compensation may include funeral expenses. 

What You Need to Know To Sue a Homeowner for a Dog Bite Case

If a homeowner’s dog attacks you, it’s possible to sue the dog owner. You need to know what it takes to get compensation from the homeowners’ insurance. The insurance company can cover minor damages. 

If you have suffered serious injuries, an insurance company may not be able to pay full compensation. That is why you need an injury lawyer to help you recover compensation after establishing that the homeowner owns the dog responsible for the attack. 

You will also need to prove that the dog was the cause of your bite injuries. A homeowner will compensate you for damages that are economic and non-economic. These are:

  • Medical bills
  • Rehabilitation expenses
  • Mental anguish
  • Lost wages
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Pain and suffering

5 Things You Need to Know After a Dog Bite Lawsuit

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Immediately after a dog attacks you, it can be a scary and painful experience. In most cases, you will be in shock. After you calm down, you need to know what to do. Here are five steps to ensure you are safe and your legal rights are protected.

1. Calm Down and Find Help

If a dog attacks and you cannot stop the attack, you should call for help. After the attack stops, you will need to calm down. 

Calming down after a dog bite might not be easy, but it is necessary. When you are calm, you reduce the chances of  the dog attacking you again. 

Showing anger will cause the dog to do more harm. Once calm, you can check your body and assess the injuries.

2. Take Pictures

After you are calm and safe, take pictures. Photograph the injuries on your body. Capture dog bite wounds, clothing with bloodstain, and the scene. Such visual documentation will help build your case. 

Collect any contact information of witnesses. This should include phone numbers and names. Remember also to collect the insurance policy information of the dog owner.

3. Visit a Doctor

It is essential to get treatment after a dog bite. Visit a doctor as soon as possible. If you are bleeding and don’t feel comfortable walking or driving to a doctor, call an ambulance. Follow the doctor’s instructions so that the recovery process can be fast.

4. Locate the Dog Owner

Find the owner of the dog that attacked you. Ask your friends, family members, or eyewitnesses to help you find them and explain what happened. 

It is crucial to identify the homeowner who keeps the dog because it is from them that you would claim your compensation. 

5. Report to Authorities

Report what happened to your local law enforcement or animal control authorities. Provide details about the incident and the homeowner’s name, including a complete description of the dog.

6. Sue a Homeowner for Dog Bite

Contact a lawyer to help you understand the dog bite laws of your state. A skilled injury lawyer will evaluate your case and advise you on how to proceed. The lawyer will also handle communication with the homeowner’s insurance company.

When you have a good legal representation, you will get fair compensation. This means your personal injury lawyer Calgary will ensure you avoid low settlements. You will also focus on healing, knowing that your interest is protected.

Key Takeaway

Dogs can wrongfully attack and cause harm to individuals. If this happens, it is possible to sue homeowners for dog bites. 

If the dog belongs to a homeowner, the homeowner insurance will help pay the compensation. It is also important to contact a lawyer specializing in such personal injury cases. 

A lawyer will advise you according to your state law requirements. They will make sure you get fair compensation from the homeowners. It is also essential to understand what you need to do from the time a dog attacks you to the time you receive help and the compensation you deserve. 

This article outlines the process that needs to be followed from the point the unfortunate accident with the dog attack happens to when you receive the compensation from the homeowner’s insurance. It also emphasizes the importance of hiring a personal injury lawyer who would assist you with this entire process.

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