How to Take Care of Dental Implants?

All-On-Four Dental implants are one of the most popular treatments sought out by people who have missing teeth. People may lose teeth for many reasons, including old age, diseases that affect the teeth and the gums, injuries and accidents, etc. Dental implants include a screw-like structure that is usually made with titanium. This is inserted into the gums, or in most cases, the jaw, so that it merges with the natural bone and functions like a normal tooth. This method of tooth replacement is much better than wearing dentures because dentures may come loose and become a hindrance to such functions as eating, speaking, etc. Dental implants stay in place and can serve you for a lifetime. But in order to ensure that your dental implants are as effective as natural teeth, you have to take adequate care of them.

You have to keep in mind some things when you are caring for dental implants, including specific brushing and flossing techniques and regular checkups.

Caution Regarding the Foods and Drinks Being Consumed: After you have had your dental implants installed, you have to be very careful about what you eat and drink. Having food and drinks of extreme temperatures in quick succession could adversely affect your implants and make them susceptible to corrosion and chipping. Implants, as well as natural teeth tend to develop microfractures if you consume both hot and cold stuff at the same time. Also, it is advisable to avoid drinking very hot liquids altogether. This is because the implant that is inserted in your jaws is made of metal, and it tends to retain the heat from the food longer. This has a burning and damaging effect on the layer of skin cells immediately surrounding the implant.

Brushing and Flossing Specifics: You have to be very careful about the toothbrush you use. Vibrating toothbrushes have a loosening effect on the implant. Even if the implant shifts slightly inside the gums, you will have to replace it, or tighten it, which is a very complicated and expensive procedure. Using toothbrushes with softer bristles and replacing them periodically can go a long way in keeping your implants from premature degeneration. In addition to that, when you floss your teeth, it does well to avoid the area immediately where the tooth ends and the gums start. This is because the implants are separately installed in the gaps in the mouth. When you floss, the gums may get loose and start falling away from the implants, which is a complex condition to rectify.

Regular Dental Checkups: The importance of visiting the dentist every once in a while, for checkups must not be undermined. Dentists will be able to diagnose and effectively treat a problem, should there be any. If you delay your appointments after having your dental implants installed, it might be too late to have the problems fixed. Also, if you have another individual taking care of your teeth for you, it is important that you let them know about the exact position of your implants so that they can take special care if needed. Apart from minor adjustments and regular maintenance, you don’t have to worry about caring for dental implants once you have them installed. They are designed for long term service, and after some time, you are not likely to feel any difference between them and your natural teeth.

To take care of your dental implants, you should follow the above tips. However, you need to be aware of special steps that you need to take immediately following your surgery in order to take good care of your implants. To get more information about dental implants in Brampton, you can contact Brampton dentist – iSmile Dental Centre today. Until then, stay healthy and keep smiling.

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