How to Win 7 crore through All India Whatsapp Imo Lucky Draw


The basic about the reality show, which gains a lot of fans throughout Asia. The monthly report of this show always increases, mean its fans and lover increase more and more. This is playing in India but it also contains fans outside of the country. The hidden secrete of the fame is because it gives more facility to his fans like Check KBC Lottery Online with the help of this option fans can gain information online through mobile phones.

Apart from this, it also offers All India WhatsApp Imo Lucky Draw, with the help of this option fans can keep in touch with this reality show. This is the option due to which fans can play every month. Like many people if you also have an internet connection then you can participate online no matter you are from any corner of the country.

Now, this is the 20-year excellence of this game, it completes 2 decades. In these 2 decades, it helped many poor and middle-class families through heavy costs.

Get A Perfect Direction:

Are you new, and this is your first-time application then don’t worry Check KBC Lottery Online? With the help of this, you will get a perfect direction.

At the beginning, people apply here through P.O box. This was a time consuming and long process but now people just need an internet connection with the help of which they can apply from home.

Why They give a huge amount?

Why this game gives a lot of money to winners? One of the main goals is to help poor people. There are many poor people who cannot support their families because they do not jobs. In this case, this show is the biggest chance for middle and poor people.

With the help of this amount, they can change their lifestyle easily as this is the amount in crores. There are multiple examples of poor people who received this amount and in the end, they established their businesses. One of the common and popular examples is two brothers from Delhi, who received the amount of seven crore rupees. At that time they had a big problem, their mother was a patient with cancer.

These two brothers were not able to cure their mother because of money, as for cancer patients a huge amount is required. But at the same time, these brothers win the huge amount of seven crores and they cure their mother of cancer. Also, they establish their own business and now both brothers are happy in their life.

Available Options For People:

Nowadays this game contains multiple options. People can connect from different sides like with the help of social media WhatsApp, Imo, and even Sim card. Those people who love social media and want to connect with this game can easily connect through All India WhatsApp Imo Lucky Draw.

  • PriyanshiRawat
  • Ranjender Kumar Yadav
  • Kathiriya Chirag Rameshbhai
  • Bauriya Aditya Brijeshbhai
  • ShershinghMarshkole
  • Dhanesh Kumar Ratre

This is the list of some people who achieved up to 2.5 million rupees.

How to get extremely high prices:

Those fans who want to win the amount in crores, need to qualify for a hot seat. This seat will lead you. There is 4 step process to achieve this seat.

Registration process:

The first step is the registration process, also called the enrolment process. In this step, the management of the game asks you some basic questions, be prepared for that.

Call process:

This is the step where you will connect with KBC through voice calls. In this call, they want to collect some information about you.

Online audition:

After successfully passing steps 1 and 2, now you are in the online step. In this step, your responsibility is to prepare general knowledge-type questions as this step is all about this type of question.


This is the final step where you will give the personal interview. After passing all these steps now you are the candidate for the hot seat.


The process of the hot seat is a little bit longer. In case when you want a short process visit All India WhatsApp Imo Lucky Draw and Check KBC Lottery Online.

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