How URBAN MAVERICKS has become the real rebel in the era of Conscious Clothing

In a world where people are more and more conscious about how our consumption affects the planet, and sustainability focused brands are getting more attention, we are entering an era of conscious clothing. URBAN MAVERICKS are well on their way to march at the frontlines with their unique approach to fashion, that not just offer clothes, designed by artists, but also carry a story and more importantly help save lives.

URBAN MAVERICKS: Clothing that makes a difference 

A pioneer urban clothing brand who not only offers organic sustainable clothing, but connect their designs to burning issues; so with every product you buy, you are also contributing to different organizations whom are fighting to make a difference.

They have periodic releases where the designs are inspired by causes that need the most attention. Every piece of their clothes is a unique urban artwork that catches the eyes of passers by, and they contribute 20% of their profits to organizations connected to the designs, manifesting a platform where consumerism transforms into Conscious Clothing.

About the clothes:  URBAN MAVERICKS is always trying to do something different. They would like to keep the touch of change in each of their appeals and dresses.

Recently they launched a new collection EARTH, which aims to help some of the most endangered species on the planet. The theme is unique; five endangered species are taken as inspiration and translated into urban art by their designer, each design connected to an organization that is working to save these species.

BAO – Inspired by the amur leopard, this design redefines the widely worn pattern and makes it desirable to people who wouldn’t necessarily wear leopard print otherwise. 20% of the profits from all sales of this design will go to The Wild Cat Sanctuary who are working to preserve wildcat species.

AKUA – Their coral inspired design that is out to save one of the most quintessential organizations on the planet, the coral reef.

VEV – Inspired by a critically endangered unique bird species, contributions from this product are going to the International Bird Rescue to save oiled wildlife from this human born disasters.

HONU – The collection wouldn’t be complete without a design that aims to save sea turtles. Turtle populations have been in decline for the last 200 years, this design will be a must for all ocean lovers.

BADHAK – Save The Rhino international is tirelessly working to save rhinos from poaching activities, with this design you are helping them in their mission.

How can you buy products?    

URBAN MAVERICKS is gaining a big fan base within a short time. Their unique ideas and features attract people. You can shop their products on their website

You can also join them via social media (@urban.mavericks) and help them raise awareness on all the burning issues that concern our environment and they welcome their followers to ignite conversation on these topics.

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