Important Features Of A Good HOA Website

An HOA website is supposed to make managing the community easier. It is an online platform where board members and the residents can easily communicate and efficiently carry out basic tasks such as fee collection, sending out alerts and notifications of events, agenda planning, etc. Therefore, when building a website for your HOA, it is essential to consider the important features. 

Your website will be useless if there is poor functionality behind a stunning design. Board members must make sure that the website works for the improvement of the community and not the opposite. If your planned community is struggling to find the right features for its website, you can consult with Chandler HOA management services

Five Important Features To Include In Your HOA Website

  • A good design. 

You may think a good design is not that important, and you might be right. However, a good design does not only mean good fonts and colors. A good HOA website should work well on all kinds of devices. Many make the mistake of building a website for computer viewing only. Your website will be visited from tablets, phones, and laptops, and it’s important that everyone gets a good experience. 

  • Communication channels.

A good HOA website should have communication channels. It should have a separate channel for board members to communicate in private and a channel for board members to communicate with the homeowners. There should also be a section exclusively used for making announcements and alerting homeowners for upcoming events. 

  • Community calendar.

While sending out notifications is a good method to inform residents about upcoming events, it can get confusing to catch up with all of them when there are too many of them. On the other hand, homeowners can look at the calendar and quickly know which event falls on which date. 

  • Online portal for residents.

An online portal should give your existing homeowners access to online payment options for monthly HOA fees, their account balance, the contact information of the board members and associates, request or query section, and governing documents of the HOA. Since these portals give out information regarding the community, each member should have their own ID and password to log in. 

  • Amenity reservation.

Amenity reservation feature is important for communities with thousands of residents. Since most HOAs only allow a certain number of people to use a community amenity at a given time, many people may wish to make a booking beforehand. Often residents call one of the board members to make this reservation, but the process can be facilitated by using a website. Moreover, many people may want to book many amenities, and attending these calls may become hectic. Online reservation can take the burden off them. 

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