Important Surveying Role of Conjoint Survey Analysis

Online surveys save time and money and provide cost-effective solutions in no time. One can easily extract results in the form of percentage by doing an online Survey. Does the survey assist in promoting the business and research work? No doubt, an online survey helps the brand or company get the people’s opinion and, according to their demands and requirements, build a business strategy.

What is a Conjoint Survey?

There are multiple survey types depending on the business demand and questionnaire type survey. A conjoint survey is a technique to help research a company’s product features and price. This methodology depicts how people value the individual attributes of a product or service. It assists in compiling and bringing valuable products to the market. The Conjoint analysis template on SurveyKing includes a sample question about a new dessert menu item offering. This example helps you understand how conjoint analysis is set up. 

How does it work?

It’s similar to the MaxDiff analysis that also depicts the best or the worst option to get preference over the related items.  It works by creating multiple sets of options containing various features and forcing the respondents to pick one of these options. It is the best survey analysis to finalize the services, features and products of the company.  In this methodology, respondents select one of the options according to their interest and preference. Now each option gets a scoring value, and you can get a percentage of these options selected by the people and extract consequences from it.

What are the basic types of Conjoint Survey Analysis?

Two main types of conjoint survey analysis help finalize the customers’ services and products. The types include:

Choice-Based Conjoint Survey

The type includes the choice based questionnaire containing multiple sets with various items. The respondents pick one of the options as the preferred choice over the other options, and in the end, you can get results about which optional choice is maximum selected by the people. If you are surveying the restaurant’s food menu, then the people’s maximum choice would be a better one for your restaurant.

Best and worst Grating Conjoint Survey

It’s similar to MaxDiff analysis in which respondents are forced to pick one of the questionnaire’s choices. It shows a respondent a set of choices and concepts with the most and the least options, and respondents are asked to choose the most and the least choice from them. In this way, an enterprise can see which set of concepts is getting the maximum score and getting the least score.

Why is Conjoint Analysis Important?

It’s important in making the various combination of the features and services of the products. For example, if you are selling some electronics products, you must need this methodology to finalize the size, battery capacity, and price of the product. Minimum three sets of options are enough to get respondents’ response.  It plays a vital role in building the business strategy and bringing valuable products to the customers. The methodology is implemented to check the customers’ positive and negative impressions about services and the products.

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