INDUS & KORT Collaboration Azad Kashmir

Health care has been a growing concern for Pakistan as diseases continue to grow together with an ever-increasing population. Getting health services in Pakistan has always been a costly idea. The country also does not have a complimentary nationwide health service and while there are reduced government run health centres, many of them have infectious environment and poor management which is a dish for the worst possible healthcare.

The other options are either to choose costly treatments in private medical facilities or to get medical care from any of the couple of charitable medical organisations in Pakistan.

Indus Hospital/Health centre

This medical facility was constructed with an unique idea and a near-impossible target. Donors and caring medical experts have made the dream of “finest possible healthcare for everybody” a truth.

The healthcare facility’s beginning can be traced back to 2005 when a group of physicians, business owners and philanthropists signed up with hands to begin a complimentary medical institution in Karachi’s largely inhabited area of Korangi. The hospital was developed in 2007 and continues to provide 100% totally free treatment to everyone.

The hospital has a capacity 150 beds and is spread across 20 acres of land. Over a million patients have actually been dealt with so far and numerous thousands come for treatment every year, with the number growing every year.

International physicians visit the healthcare facility to offer their services free of charge while the structure does its level best to get the newest of devices while still preserving its free services for everyone.

Indus Hospital & Health Network have been providing inspirational and exceptional services for no cost at all.

What Mirpur has?

Divisional Headquarters Teacher medical facility Mirpur is now commonly and frequently described as DHQ health centre and is the largest health centre in Mirpur with only 300 bed capacity working since 1981. It supplies tertiary care accommodations and was as previously utilized as Integrated Military Medical Facility. It relates to Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Medical College and falls under government control. But is this enough?

In 2020 The Mirpur District had a population of 640,670 obviously now in 2021 that has risen. Mirpur is in much need for Access to healthcare services, it is critical to good health, yet neighbouring residents face a variety of access barriers. KORT has partnered with INDUS to provide a free hospital service in Mirpur. Ideally, residents should be able to access services such as primary care conveniently and confidently, dental care, behavioural health, emergency care, and public health services.

Access to healthcare is important for:

  • Overall physical, social, and mental health status
  • Disease prevention
  • Detection, diagnosis, and treatment of illness
  • Quality of life
  • Avoiding preventable deaths
  • Life expectancy

Residents typically experience barriers to healthcare that restrict their ability to acquire the care they require. For citizens to have enough access to, suitable and necessary health care services need to be readily available and obtainable in a timely way. Even when an appropriate supply of health care services exists in the district, there are other aspects to consider in terms of health care access. To have good health care access, an individual should also have:

  • Finance to pay for services
  • Method to reach and use services, such as transportation to services that may be located at a range.
  • Confidence in their capability to communicate with healthcare providers, particularly if the patient is not proficient in English or has poor health literacy
  • Trust that they can use services without compromising privacy
  • Belief that they will receive quality care

Indus and KORT have a vision and plan to build a 500-bed capacity hospital in the heart of Mirpur.

This project is estimated at £10 million, donations for this project have already started to show and work in the background has started. This project is NOT a Zakat eligible project.

To help with this project please donate to

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