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Introduce Art & Decor in Your Home & Workplace With Soho Homes

Anyone who wants to make their house look creative and artistic would definitely be interested in art and decor. It is a well-known fact that art creates mood and it also adds personal character to a person’s home. Through art you’ll make tons of memories. It’s true that if you are buying art then it really is an entire experience. Art also provides a colour palette. Not just that, but it is through a work of art, an artist is able to tie everything together in a beautiful and meaningful way. This is done to create a general focal point. Another reason, why one should have artistic walls in their house or workplace, has to do with the fact that art can help a room feel more full and finished.

Want Decor & Art for Your Home?

There is no doubt in the fact that art gives us meaning and it also helps us in understanding our world better. Through the medium of art, one can communicate information to people. It can also be useful in shaping our everyday lives and in making a social statement at the same time. Moreover, an artistic painting in your dining room or living room, will change the way your entire room looks. This is a tried and tested method. If you have a room which feels empty and less classy, then you should definitely see how the face of the entire room changes once you install a painting or a home decor item in that room.

How to Get Such Decor & Art Items?

Looking for elegant, classic, modern, and aesthetic art & decor items? Then you should look no further than the Soho Homes website. On this website you can find a wide variety of art & decor items with which you can make your house aesthetic. Also, do not forget to browse  through the following categories: original artwork, printed editions, mirrors, decorative accessories, vases & planters, Lick x Soho House, Stationery, books & records, Soho boxes, and ofcourse not to mention, Sale.

What to Shop From Soho Homes?

If you have been looking for art & decor items for your house lately then here are some of the best items that you should check out!

1. Original Artwork

The artwork that you’ll find within this category is curated by MAH Gallery, which is in collaboration with Soho Home. Check out the New Moon Tea by Ed Burkes from this category. This is made by multi-award winning painter Ed Burkes, who lives and works in Plymouth. Burkes believes strongly in the fact that music, language, and art, all have a rather mutual effect on one another. This painting is an oil on canvas. The frame is not included, but this is an exclusive piece. Get this painting for your living room or dining room to enhance the overall aesthetics of your house. Apart from this painting, you can also check out Buckets by Alec Doherty, and Ceramicist’s Studio. These paintings are also great if you want to give them to someone as a gift.

2. Printed Editions

In this category, you’ll find Soho home editions which are a series of limited-edition prints. These are mainly curated by the head of collections. You need a different kind of mindset to want such art in your house or workplace. The printed editions include various different types of artwork which are totally unique to their character. Check out the Lucy Mahon Farmhouse print. This is made by a London-based artist named Lucy Mahon, who is also a Shoreditch House member. This artist has put a playful stamp on Soho Homes with an amazing limited-edition collection of prints. This painting is inspired by Soho Farmhouse in the Oxfordshire countryside. If you are a lover of the colourful artwork then you’ll surely love this one. With this painting, you can bring an optimistic style onto your own walls.

3. Decorative Accessories

Not just paintings, but if you are genuinely interested in making your house aesthetic then you should also introduce the trail of decorative accessories in your house. At Soho Homes, you can browse through the decorative accessories, which also includes hand-finished stone bowls and bookends. Through these decorative accessories one can really build a house which makes a house a home. One of the best-selling decorative accessories from this category is Lady, a novelty decoration. This item adds a beautiful touch of kitsch style to your place. You can add this to your house or workplace. This is also a hand-painted glass and it is presented in a keepsake plywood box. Also, this item is inspired by the Soho house novelties.

Decorative Accessories

Want More?

Well, with Soho Homes, art & decor shouldn’t be the only category which you shall explore. You can also check out other categories such as furniture, textiles, lighting, dining, and others.


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