Introducing an Innovative and Sustainable Cooling Solution for Building Owners

Cooling systems are integral to our lives, yet we must bear in mind that they can have a major impact on climate change. To illustrate this point, the World Green Building Council determined that 28% of worldwide carbon dioxide emissions stem from heating, cooling and lighting systems found in buildings. In Singapore specifically, these same structures contribute 20% toward its total carbon footprint.

As the need for construction continues to rise, so does our demand for an energy-efficient cooling system. Current estimates anticipate that in just 30 years’ time, this requirement will triple! Cooling as a Service (CaaS) is the perfect answer if you are after not only a smart solution but one which is kinder to mother nature too. CaaS offers building managers a smarter and more sustainable choice – why settle for anything less?

Understanding what Cooling as a Service (CaaS) is

By subscribing to CaaS, building owners are able to reap the rewards of a servitisation model. Not only does this cost-effective solution eliminate expensive operational costs associated with purchasing and managing cooling systems like district cooling agreements, but it also conserves energy – ensuring buildings stay comfortable without unduly impacting their carbon footprint.

CaaS is making life easier for building operators. Rather than having to choose and maintain the ideal cooling system that meets their energy-saving objectives, CaaS providers will do it all for them. Building operators only pay when they need cool air – no more, no less. It’s both simple and sustainable – something everyone can get behind.

The service provider’s maintenance system guarantees that your cooling system will operate as effectively and economically as possible. Additionally, they can reallocate equipment to maximise the utilisation of resources.

How CaaS cools a building?

With CaaS (Cooling as a Service), you get to enjoy the best of both worlds! Not only does it provide an eco-friendly service, but it also provides one that is highly efficient and cost-effective. By utilising data, analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) to monitor indoor conditions in real time, CaaS supports custom-tailored cooling experiences for all types of conditions. Its state-of-the-art technology ensures optimal performance while helping reduce your energy bills significantly compared to other traditional cooling systems.

Utilising CaaS services, building owners now have access to a range of eco-friendly cooling solutions. Among them is the revolutionary chilled water system that operates solely on solar power and cutting-edge chiller plants operating with recycled water – leading sustainable technologies for this century’s green buildings.

These cooling systems are an optimal and long-lasting choice for operators of data centers, shopping malls, factories, pharmaceutical facilities, campuses, office spaces and public buildings.

Why CaaS stands out as an obvious first-choice

Deciding on a centralised cooling system comes along with a significant financial burden, as building owners also have to maintain it. To ensure its functionality and reliability, they either need to hire personnel for monitoring or are required to keep track of various contractors for repairs – an exhaustive and troublesome experience.

It would be erroneous to assign blame for a system’s issues solely on one person, as different contractors are typically responsible for managing separate segments of the cooling system. Additionally, sustainability will likely remain unaddressed due its the expenses incurred in order to initiate it.

Make the switch to CaaS

By remaining mindful of our environment, we can continually come up with creative ways to conserve energy. CaaS is one such way that allows us to chill buildings that is better for the planet. This innovative technology provides a positive solution for everyone involved.

By 2040, without any proactive initiatives in place, South East Asia’s cooling demands could consume a staggering 30% of ASEAN electricity. The current situation is already alarming: 10% of the world’s total electricity usage goes to powering cooling systems! It’s high time we look into a more efficient alternative for keeping cool.

With its core mission, CaaS looks to revolutionise the manner in which cooling services are supplied and make them available to a wider range of individuals. This shift would be highly beneficial – not only for business owners but also for the people and environment around us.

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