Inventions That Changed Our Life

When the human brain founded its ways into inventions, life started to become easy and comfortable. And from the very first invention, as we know it through books, the fire that was generated by the willful collision of two stones, we have reached a time where every day is about inventions. 

The world witnesses hundreds of inventions every day throughout different fields. Some inventions just give us fun, and some of them make impacts that change our life. Here, we will be talking about 6 inventions that changed our life and our lifestyle. 

The Wheel

The exact date of this invention is hard to find. We all are enjoying the benefits of this simple invention to date, and it will last forever. This invention has changed our lives drastically and for good. And it will always remain on the number one spot. The vehicles we use for easy and quick transportation is all possible because someone somewhere in the past invented the wheel. We can clearly see the use of wheels everywhere around the world and in many little things that bring us comfort. We can’t imagine the world, as it is today if the wheel was not invented. This invention also aided the invention of Mars Rover, a man-made vehicle to wander on a celestial object which can’t even be seen with our naked eyes. 

The Compass

How much time does it take you to find the way to a place or to know which direction you are heading in? With your mobile phone and internet connections, it is hardly a matter of a few seconds. And it all became possible because of the compass. Before the compass was invented, people used to observe the movement of the sun and stars to know about the direction. Technologies evolved, and we got digital maps on our mobile phones. Even if the compass only gave the way to know the direction, it laid the foundation for the easy and quick route findings. And the old compass is also used in military operations till today. 


Most of the building that you see around yourself generates their firmness from the power of concrete. It is one of the most widely used man-made materials. And concrete is the reason architects and builders are able to create unimaginable mega designs for residential and commercial purpose. The Nabataea around 6500 BC built the first concrete-like structures. And now it is the most favourite material of builders to make spaces that we use. Not just for making buildings, architects are also making structures that also develop the beauty from the texture on concrete, which means the walls of concrete are not covered with paints. 


Travelling is an activity that takes time. There was a time when people were not able to see more than two or three states in their lifetime. But today, with the invention of aeroplanes, one can even enjoy a world tour before his/her soul leaves the body. And it made humans sense how it feels to fly like birds. Businesses are expanding because of aeroplane travel, and people are finding new hope of life in other countries and other cultures. Airbus A380-800 is one of the biggest aircraft in the world which can carry 853 passengers and can travel around 15,200 kilometres without a stop. 

Internet & Online Business

You are reading this article because you are using the Internet. From searching for the best doctor around to order a new jacket or getting a cake delivered with online cake delivery in Noida or wherever you live, the Internet has made it all possible. And imagining a world without the Internet is just impossible in today’s time. The Internet gave the scope of expansion to many businesses around the world. Social media, video streaming platforms, blogging websites, search engines like Google, and booking your tickets and hotel rooms from the comfort of your home is all possible because we have the Internet. 

Printing Press

We are educated because we have books. And books are made because someone invented a printing press. Papers were invented away before, but a book is purely the result of the printing press. We have newspapers, magazines, greeting cards, posters, visiting cards, brochures, and many more things which are the result of the invention of the printing press. 

That’s all folks!

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