Is it a sign of inadequate design that racks fall over when they are hit?

Another way to phrase this question is: “Should racking be crash-proof?” It is well known that racking is always used in conjunction with handling equipment. Most racks are equipped with forklifts and it is almost inevitable that a forklift will hit a rack due to misuse. However, the greater destructive forces caused by forklift truck impacts are not taken into account in the structural design standards for racking. The more established European standard for the design of racking, EN 15512, gives the dynamic load placed by forklift trucks when accessing goods, reflecting good forklift operation. The impact of forklift trucks impact is not taken into account in the design of racks equipped for forklift operation. The reason for this is that the main load-bearing elements of China pallet racking, such as columns and beams, are cold-formed thin-walled steel, which simply cannot resist such a large horizontal force (the horizontal force of forklift impact that the columns of warehouse buildings must withstand, as specified in EN 1991-1-7, is approximately 250kN). So far, all rack manufacturers have not taken this impact force into account in their designs, i.e. the racks cannot withstand the impact of a forklift truck! If it had to be taken into account, then the result would be that the cost of individual storage spaces would skyrocket, which would inevitably have a serious impact on the storage and logistics industry.

Therefore, racking that collapses on impact is not necessarily of an unreasonable design. Racking that is designed to meet the standard may also collapse on impact. A rack that does not collapse on impact is not necessarily designed to meet the standard. A rack that is inadequately designed may not collapse on impact.

How to prevent racking collapse?

  1. Correct selection and use of racks, reasonable planning and layout design of storage space

Combined with the current market environment and the requirements of the application, in the choice of storage racks should pay attention to the requirements of two aspects, the need for the characteristics of the goods and the quality of the racks themselves, according to the weight of the stored items to choose the right load-bearing racks, both to meet the requirements of use, save costs, but also to take into account the load-bearing racks themselves, life and safety, when buying, the need to compare racks, choose Reliable quality and stable performance of the racks, in the use process also can not be overloaded, especially for high-level racks, is absolutely not overloaded.

Reasonable storage space layout planning is also closely related to the daily safety of the operation. That is, it is conducive to the safety and integrity of warehouse storage and storage materials. Also conducive to reducing the workload of warehouse operators, reducing unnecessary duplication of effort. The reasonable warehouse staff, operations and personal safety.

  1. take and apply the necessary protection, protection, preventive measures and related equipment and facilities. Of course, fire-fighting measures are also very important.

Such as the use of protective rails, the use of grids or baffles on the racks to avoid pallets falling from height, resulting in serious consequences; for the warehouse staff safety training to be timely and complete implementation; shelves of goods to be frequently checked for stability to prevent injuries from falling objects from height; forklift loading and unloading process to slipping injuries, as well as the correct and safe use of equipment.

  1. Timely replacement of old racks

Storage racks are generally made of metal and have a certain load-bearing capacity to be their appearance as other products, stability, process issues, time of use, etc. gradually become the most important concerns of engineers who buy storage shelves. We all know that any product has its use period, if more than this limit is still in use, it is easy to trigger a variety of problems, if not paid attention to, and even cause personal safety problems.

What should be done to extend the life of the storage racks?

There are many other factors that affect the service life of stowage racks, such as the temperature, dampness, light and ventilation conditions of the storeroom. For example, if the humidity in rusting of the racks, reducing the load-bearing capacity of the racks and reducing their service life. So what should be done to extend the use of storage racks? Combined with our years of experience summed up the following aspects, I hope it will help you.

  1. Apply shielding paint often to reduce rusting. Do a good job of daily inspection, there are screws and loose places to be fixed in time.
  2. Avoid excessive sunlight, reasonably ventilate the warehouse shelves, which should be drained and damped as much as possible.
  3. According to the different racks, aisle width and handling tools to configure a set of custom-made anti-collision posts, in the location of the aisle installed anti-collision guardrail.
  4. The weight of the goods placed on the racks must be within the load-bearing capacity of the racks. It is advisable for the warehouse manager to mark the load capacity limits on the racks. To follow the principle of storing goods under the heavy on the light, that is, the bottom put heavy things, the top put light things.
  5. Heavy and high-level shelves warehouse must be equipped with power stacker, the use and operation of the stacker must be operated by licensed special page personnel. The vast majority of storage shelves are distorted due to non-designated personnel do not use the stacker truck according to the provisions of the impact caused by the deformation of the column.
  6. The use system of the racks is stipulated. Different warehouses, different goods, and each warehouse racks have different methods of use. Warehouse managers should develop a system for the use of racks so that each rack use personnel has learned and complied.

In addition, it is also important to choose a qualified rack manufacturer, here I recommend Xinmiao rack manufacturer for you. They have twenty years of experience in racking production in China and are certified by ISO, SGS and other certification bodies. They are factory direct and are trustworthy both in terms of price and quality. Their products are sold to over sixty countries worldwide and are strong both in design and manufacturing.

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