Kidhanma – The author behind “How to be a Unicorn in modern day Society”

How KIDHANMA Became the Bestselling Author of Amazon

‘How To Be a Unicorn’ is one of the remarkable books of the present time. This book is also one of the best-selling books of international online shop Amazon. The name of the writer of ‘How To Be a Unicorn’ book is Armin Mokhtarinejad. The writer of the book is also the author of that book. So, Armin Mokhtarinejad, aka KIDHANMA, is the author of ‘How To Be a Unicorn’ book. Most people know Armin Mokhtarinejad as KIDHANMA. KIDHANMA’s dream was to be a writer. From his childhood, he had a great attraction to writing. The passion of KIDHANMA has made him the bestselling author of Amazon.

Birthdate and Birthplace

At present, KIDHANMA is one of the most successful book writers in the world. The birthdate of Armin Mokhtarinejad is 24th December 1993. According to his birthdate, KIDHANMA is 27 years old. He has won millions of hearts for writing ‘How To Be a Unicorn’ book at a very early age. Most of the people who have read this book gave a great compliment about the book. KIDHANMA’s parents are from Iran. But, KIDHANMA’s birthplace is Darmstadt, Germany. KIDHANMA is a citizen of Germany. Darmstadt is one of the largest cities in Germany. The parents of KIDHANMA moved to Germany from Iran to ensure a better life for their child. For the bright future of KIDHANMA, his parents left their motherland. KIDHANMA’s father and mother tried their best to bring him up properly. During his childhood, KIDHANMA spent most of his time in Darmstadt city. Every successful person has their struggle as KIDHANMA came from the outside of Germany, so he also had his struggle in his early life.

Educational Qualification

KIDHANMA has a tremendous educational qualification. He has faced some problems in his school life. From his school life, KIDHANMA used to read different kinds of stories. After completing his school life, KIDHANMA got admission into a college. KIDHANMA’s parents provide everything he wanted, so he understood that he must make his parents proud. That’s why KIDHANMA completed his graduation in computer science. He also started a job in a company. He used to get a good salary for his job. But, KIDHANMA had a different passion. His passion is writing. At that time, KIDHANMA used to learn martial arts. He is too creative that he could make his move of martial arts. To learn martial arts is one of those things which he loves to do. Martial arts helped KIDHANMA to lead a disciplined life.

How KIDHANMA Became Bestselling Author

From his childhood, KIDHANMA was a creative child. Writing is the only passion for him. After the graduation of school life, KIDHANMA started to think about the world and life. Then he realized that if a person doesn’t do anything about his passion, then there is no meaning in his life. When KIDHANMA understood these matters, he became sad in his regular life. Cause, before writing ‘How To Be a Unicorn,’ KIDHANMA also never did something about his passion. So from that moment, KIDHANMA started to follow his passion and wrote a fantastic book. KIDHANMA has created one of the most popular books on Amazon. KIDHANMA always wanted to be a famous writer. So, KIDHANMA left the company’s job and started his work, and he became a successful writer. ‘How To Be a Unicorn’ is a book of positive power. In this book, KIDHANMA has written about how a person can find his own identity. People will feel their self-respect when they follow their passion; this is them of KIDHANMA’s book. Most people liked this book for the unique subject, and KIDHANMA became the bestselling author on Amazon.

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