Leading Causes of Low Water Pressure in Your Home

Low water pressure may manifest in many ways, causing substantial difficulties. Your bathtub’s faucets may be slow to fill, or your showerhead may be inefficient. Either way, your everyday routine is delayed.

Sometimes the problem is with municipal water. Whether you notice a sudden change in your water pressure following a water meter reader visit, you may contact and inquire if they altered your water pressure. In this instance, adding showerheads and faucet heads that inject air into your shower can help restore some pressure without increasing water flow. This provides you the pressure you want without consuming as many gallons per hour.

If the water pressure is low, it is generally due to a domestic issue. The low water pressure might affect one region or the entire home. When the entire home is impacted, a more outstanding issue is present. When you detect a change in water pressure, call a plumber to assist you in identifying the source. If there is a leak, can a tankless water heater cause low water pressure? shut off the water at the main valve.

So, what causes low water pressure?

1. Old Fixtures

One of the most frequent reasons for low water pressure is an old fixture. Corrosion of old galvanized steel water pipes may dramatically reduce water flow. Mineral deposits such as silt and limestone may clog fixtures, stopping water flow.

This affects not only water pressure but also water quality. Unlike scale build-up, you can detect internal corrosion in water pipes. In your pipe, material build-up might slowly shut the line.

It takes years for this to happen. That’s why the water pressure drops slowly. That depends on the age of the pipes.

2. Bad Pressure Regulators

Pressure regulators regulate the piping system’s pressure. So they help reduce the pressure, so your pipes don’t get damaged.

A faulty or blocked regulator may cause low water pressure in certain houses. Your water pressure may also rise.

While the homeowner may replace a pressure regulator, it is recommended to have it professionally inspected. A professional technician can diagnose the problem and repair or replace the control valve.

3. Flow Control Valves

Most homes have two main water shut-off valves, one at the meter and one inside, which regulate water flow. Your water pressure will be reduced if any valves are shut off entirely or partly.

Some valves might mistakenly stay partly closed when your water is switched off and on. Then check both primary valves to make sure they’re completely open.

4. Blocked Pipes

What happens if you initially open the faucet? How long does it take for the water to slow down? If so, your pipes may be obstructed.

Rust, mineral deposits and other debris accumulate within pipes over time. Ultimately, this reduces water flow. Galvanized pipes easily clog. Why aren’t new pipes made of copper anymore? In many households, it is still utilized as a preferred material.

Sand, water minerals, contaminants, and dirt are obstructing substances. These materials may enter pipes via the sink or cause minor pipe fractures. Clogging might often occur if your pipes are near or above ground.

5. You Use Pipelines

Shared pipes give water to several residences. So if your neighbor is washing a vehicle or showering, your water pressure will be diminished. A shared well line is more likely to occur in apartments than in single-family residences.

Changing your habit and time may assist here

6. Leaky Pipes

A pipe leak may dramatically reduce your home’s water pressure. A garden hose or your washing machine drain are examples of modest intermittent leaks that may go undetected until they become more significant.

Leaking pipes are often concealed beneath walls or floors. Checking your water meter might reveal leaks in intake lines. Your water meter is running, yet nothing in your home utilizes water. However, this method does not work on drain pipes.

A skilled plumber can quickly identify and resolve the issue.

Corroded Plumbing

It’s one thing to need to repair a tiny portion of the hose. A worst-case scenario is a corroded pipe that has to be replaced. Corrosion flakes may block pipes and restrict water pressure.

Check if the branch lines need to be enlarged. If you’ve changed your fixtures, your home’s plumbing branch lines may be too tiny—decreased water pressure even without corrosion. Because the branch line’s interior is small, the water flow is limited.

Get Help from a professional

Experts should handle low water pressure concerns. Indeed, DIYs may exacerbate problems. Simpson Plumbing Services & Rooter can inspect your Anaheim, CA, plumbing system or repair it if necessary.

We provide commercial, residential, and emergency plumbing services, including drain cleaning and repairs. This includes but is not limited to low water pressure in your house.

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