Learn How to Reset MacBook Pro without Losing Data

If you’re experiencing problems with your MacBook Pro, don’t panic! 

There are some simple steps you can take to try and resolve these issues before taking the computer to the Apple store. Since Apple computers are designed to just work, most problems you encounter with them will be software-related, and won’t require you to send it back to the manufacturer for a costly repair or replacement.

This guide will walk you through the process of resetting your MacBook Pro so that you can try to fix your problem yourself, without losing important data in the process.

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What you need to know

If you reset your laptop, it doesn’t mean all of your files and documents are going away.

We are here with tips on how to successfully reset your laptop, as well as what can happen if you accidentally reset it. 

You have two options for resetting i.e. standard and recovery mode. 

Standard mode allows you to go through System Preferences, which is the software installed by default on every Mac, and choose Reset to initiate a clean install that retains personal data like email addresses and iPhoto settings. This is great if you just want or need a fresh start.

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Preparation steps

If you’re planning on resetting your MacBook Pro, you must take some steps before actually initiating the reset process. 

First, backup all of your important files and make sure that they are in an easily accessible location. Second, delete any extra files that you don’t need and empty your trash bin. Finally, close all of your open programs so that nothing will be running when you initiate a reset. 

Once these preparations have been made, you can proceed with resetting your MacBook pro if it is not responding or freezing during use.

Note that you don’t need special skills to reset your MacBook Pro but you do need expert advice on how to fix water damaged MacBook Air.

Step by step guide on how to reset MacBook Pro without losing data

Here is your guide to reset MacBook Pro:

  • Power off your Mac

If you have any unsaved work, save it immediately and then power off your machine. This way you will not lose anything in your current session. 

To do so, choose the Apple menu and then click Shut Down.

If your MacBook doesn’t have a built-in disc drive, click Restart, if it does, insert an installation disc and hold down Option while clicking Restart. Make sure that there’s nothing else inserted into your computer.

Follow all on screen instructions until you see an OS X Utilities window appear.

Press Command + Option + P + R at the same time

This will force your Mac into restart mode. A message will pop up asking you to confirm by pressing Enter. Press enter again and hold it until your computer turns off and back on. is the best entertainment website in the word

  • Enter your password if required

Next, you’ll be asked to enter your password. Once you do, click Continue. This will lead you through several more screens: one that explains how to back up your data and another that describes how to find important files on an external hard drive or online storage account. 

If your computer starts normally after it restarts and you have all of your files and data, skip Step 3 below. Otherwise, keep on reading.

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  • Click on Restart

When your computer tells you it’s safe to turn off your computer, turn it off. Just because you think you’re in charge doesn’t mean you know what’s best for your computer. If it says Don’t Turn Off, then listen! 

Shutting down improperly can lead to system crashes and data loss. In some cases, users are required to reset their MacBook after powering them down. To do so, make sure your laptop is shut down before holding down the Command + Option + Power button on your keyboard until a screen appears asking whether or not it is okay to restore from backup. 

Press Enter and wait patiently as everything resets automatically.

Final thoughts

Resetting your MacBook Pro is pretty straightforward and instantly increases the functionality. Follow the step-by-step guide to reset your MacBook without any problem.

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