Learn How to Write Code for Android Like a Pro

If you want to create an Android app, you need to learn one of the programming languages that Android software development supports. This means you need to know Java, Kotlin, or C++. If you are already familiar with a website development language, such as JavaScript, you may look at tools that allow you to deploy to an Android smartphone.

There are some tips you better know before making an Android app:

You better learn a programming language such as Java.

The Android section includes learning XML for app design, knowing Android principles, and applying these concepts programmatically using Java.

Beginners better apply an IDE (PraneethVT preferred Android Studio over Eclipse)

Creating your new app takes time: it won’t just happen. This is not a project for people who want a quick outcome.

When you get stuck on a problem, go to Stack Overflow. If it doesn’t work, try the Android Subreddit, where there is a helpful community.

Also, an android app development agency in Australia can be helpful to your writing code.

Now it’s a good time to see some tools which give you a hand by writing code for Android.


It can be a good way when you want a customized path to help you develop your programming abilities. You can simply reach your goals by learning Linux, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Git, or Java. And also you can set daily objectives to study programming. As a pre-intermediate or more skilled software engineer, this app can be suitable for you.

The advantages of it are that Enki is accessible for Android and iOS, a wide selection of development, business, and fintech courses are available, and the UI is simple and easy to use. On the other hand, there is no web application for it and a limited user population.


SoloLearn provides courses in a multitude of popular programming languages, including HTML, Python, Java, Kotlin, CSS, C, C++, Swift, C#, SQL, Ruby, and so on. Developers rated this app highly both on App Store and Google Play.

So one of the benefits of it is that you can use it anywhere you want. It is available for both Android and iOS; it has a web app too. SoloLearn teaches the fundamentals of coding, learning mode when not connected to the internet; all classes are completely free, an integrated development environment is pre-installed, activating the learning mode are the other benefits of it. And its disadvantages are that it does not cover non-mainstream languages, such as Rust, Scheme, Erlang, or Elixir; a course certificate is not available in the free version and lacks material that is important to advanced developers.


It is a great app for beginners. Although it appears to be extremely basic at first view, it actually gives in-depth insights on coding. The app starts from beginners to advance so Encode’s a unique feature is that it begins from the beginning, thus no matter where you are in your coding journey, Encode enables you to begin at the beginning. It includes actual examples and teaches you how to code in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Python.

The pros of Encode are that its programming courses are brief, it has an offline mode so you easily can continue learning even without Wi-Fi or internet connection, the UI is completely configurable, and it includes voice assistants. The cons of this app are that it is only accessible for Android users, there is a limited number of courses available, and a limited user population.


This is another application that helps you through the coding, it focuses on CSS and HTML. The features cover the apps of these languages in design, site management, and development. This application is obtainable in both Hindi and English languages.

Each course has a total of 50 lessons, making the learning process extremely manageable. And every lecture comes with screenshots, video, and step-by-step instructions. Another thing that makes CodeHub wonderful is that the courses are separated into four levels, allowing you to simply choose the category that best matches you.

The app’s advantages are its lightweight and intuitive interface. The disadvantages of the app are it doesn’t cover anything other than CSS and HTML languages, interaction is lacking, and there is no unified development environment.


Coding a good android app requires a highly qualified team who has a vision of building a good product. With talented people in 10 top web design companies, there is no doubt that you will have a high quality app.

Programming Hero

This application is just for the Android platform. Programming Hero is suitable for both beginners and experienced coders. The app teaches students broad ideas of OOP, database systems, and algorithms as well as the essential principles of the most prevalent programming languages.

The focus of this application is on making coding entertaining, which it accomplishes by teaching you how to design your own game while also learning how to code. The app also has forums where you can communicate with other app users and share information and advice.

The design is simple to use and a fun method to convey instructional material are the benefits of this app. Many major programming languages are absent and there is no built-in integrated development environment, these are some drawbacks of the software.

Programming Hub

Programming Hub is another learning platform that is available for Android and iOS. It supports languages such as Java, C programming, C++, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc. Generally, there are more than 17 languages that this app supports, but in offline mode, Java, HTML, and CSS courses are accessible to help developers.

The learning environment is very well-structured. After finishing a programming language course, you will have a comprehensive understanding of how it works. The platform’s UI is simple.

Built-in compiler, solid UX, affordably priced professional subscription, and after finishing a course, you will receive a virtual certificate; they are benefits of the application. The answers to queries are frequently misplaced, some courses are missing, the app is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones, and misspellings are drawbacks of the Programming Hub.


For having the best mobile development, the first thing you should know as a developer is how to write code. Some applications help you with learning language programming and then write code for the device you want.

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