Learn More about Chaff Cutter Price in Kenya

Looking at the price of a chaff cutter, you should consider how efficient it will work for you, its affordability, quality and, how it will increase your capacity as a farmer. Farmers purchase a cutter that will reduce expenses but still are economical and provide great power while managing their farm.

Chaff cutters are mainly used by farmers to cut hay, straw, long grass, fodder and, all other fodder crops into smaller pieces. This is achieved before feeding the animals so that it’s easy to mix the fodder. It makes it easy to store and the fodder is more edible for animals.

Factors to consider before buying a chaff cutter

Powered or manual chaff cutter

Deciding whether to buy a powered or manual chaff cutter depends on your farm. A large-scale farmer needs a powered chaff cutter for it comes with a diesel or electric power engine that is easy to manage. The powered chaff cutter works well near a source of power.

The powered chaff cutter cuts fodder easily in a short period for a large herd of animals. Also, a farmer with a small farm could use the powered cutter instead of a manual chaff cutter. This is because the manual cutter needs one to be fit to handle it daily.

Work to be performed

Chaff cutters have different abilities and sizes. Consider a big and powerful chaff cutter, if you have a large farm for its long-lasting and cuts fodder instantly. Moreover, if you have a small budget then a medium power and size will be efficient for you.

The chaff cutter price in Kenya is affected by the size and power of the chaff cutter. Chaff cutters can last for a long while and are flexible. Regardless of how much it costs, the work that it performs is worth the price.

How it works 

The fodder is placed into the crushing chamber through the hopper and is slashed by the high-speed rotating parts. The direction of fodder changes as they are being crushed. During the process, the fodder rubs together so that they are crushed to small sizes than the diameter of the mesh. The crushed fodder is discharged from the cutter. The size of the fodder depends on the size of the screen.

Chaff cutter types

Small chaff cutter

Works well for small to medium output and only cuts green and dry fodder into tiny pieces.

Blower chaff cutter

The outward air blower that is installed in the cutter emits the cut fodder out making it easy to keep on mixing without waiting until you are done.

Cum pulverize chaff cutter

This is best for farmers who want to minimize the feeding cost. This machine shreds grains and cuts fodder.

Advantages of buying a chaff cutter

Cuts all kinds of fodder crops therefore its performance is perfect.

It saves on time and resources.

Highly dependable for cutting fodder crops into the right pieces.

It’s easy to use whether a powered or manual chaff cutter is for you are only required to know how it works.

Its quality is high since it rarely breaks down.

Reduces wastage for it’s easy for animals to chew the small pieces.


You should buy a chaff cutter from a seller that will help you in replacing and repairing it in the long term. Also, get to know how the chaff cutter works and purchase one that will best work for you. For more information, visit

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