Let’s Discuss How to Organize a Pre-Moving Sale

Moving can be a very stressful and overwhelming life event but it has its pros too. The best part of it is that you can get rid of all the clutter that you have gathered in years. You can downsize your home and let the positive energy flow at your new place. Taking out all those unwanted and unused things is a time-consuming but relaxing task. But what to do with the stuff that you have taken out, so there are many ways to get rid of it including trash, recycle, throw, and donate. Though donating and throwing are two common options that people choose, holding a garage sale will not only let you get rid of your unwanted goods but will also make some money.

Holding a garage sale before moving will not only make some money but will also help you in downsizing your move as you can sell all the extra stuff in the sale. As less the stuff as smooth and easier is the move as you will save a lot of packing time and can save money due to lighter truckload. Hosting a garage sale may seem easy but it is just not showcasing your things in your front yard, you have to plan and execute your pre-move garage sale well to have desired results.

Here are a few tips and tricks on holding a successful garage sale:

Create a List of Inventory

Go through each corner of your house and take out everything that you do not need anymore but is in a good condition and discard any damaged or broken stuff. Downsizing your home will save a huge moving cost as most of the credible state to state movers in the network of Pricing Van Lines charge based on the size of your shipment. Make sure you sell everything that you are not using. You take pictures of things of sentimental value to keep as a memory and sell the item. Creating a list of goods to be sold will help you in managing your sale better. Gather all inventory at one place as that will.

Choose the Right Day and Time

Make sure you garage sale date wisely, for instance, weekends are the best time. You can expect a good footfall on a Saturday as people go out on weekends. But avoid hosting a sale on a holiday or a big event or celebration. Also, do not choose a day when there is a sports event happening.

While spring is the best season to organize a sale, you may choose other time too as per your moving date. You can host the sale from early morning through late afternoon and make sure you are prepared for the early visitors.

Advertise Your Sale Well

Make an advertising pamphlet and send it to all your social media groups. The more people will get to know about your sale, the better the sale would be. Consider placing a sign at the roadside and make sure you add a few details to your list of items so that people can get an idea of things they will get. A good advertisement will get you a decent crowd that will be actually willing to buy.

Organize Your Inventory Well

Consider placing your goods like a store so that each item can be seen well. Group things as per their use, for instance, place all kitchen related items together. Books, CDs, and DVDs should be stacked at one place. Organizing things in order will save you from the mess and you will be able to keep a check around the garage. It will also be easier for the visitors to locate their desired item.

Put Price Tags and Set Fair Prices

Make sure you put a clear price tag on each item so that you don’t have to deal with the price queries when there are many people. Price tags will also enable you to keep your sale record intact. Also, do not overprice your items, set fair prices to attract people. Reasonable pricing will get you good customers as people expect good deals in a garage sale and they may not buy if they find them costly. You may not get the price that a secondhand store may get.

Bulk Deals

Bulk deals may attract more customers, for example, if you are selling one bag for $2, offer two bags for $3. You can also offer surprise goodies on a purchase of a certain amount. Surprises are always welcoming and people may look forward to them and will end up buying a lot of stuff.

Donate What You Can’t Sell

Don’t lose heart if all your items are not sold. Try selling them at a consignment shop or else donate them at the right place. If you have things related to kids then donate them at a child care center or otherwise to an old age home.

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