Let’s do South Indian online artificial jewellery shopping: Goes with every outfit

There is nothing more beautiful than a woman dressed in a traditional Kanjeevaram saree and south indian jewellery sets. One dress in a variety of outfits represents the modern Indian woman. There will be a piece of South Indian jewellery that is ideal for the occasion regardless of what she wears. If you want you can do a variety of online artificial jewellery shopping. Let’s explore must-haves in south indian jewellery.

List of online artificial jewellery shopping:

1. Lakshmi Gold Bangle Kada

This lovely Kada, made of finding desirable gold, is set with a red Polki stone. This traditional South Indian jewellery is beautiful to look at and is carved with complex motifs of Goddess Lakshmi. This will make you stand out and shine like the Goddess herself, regardless of whether you are wearing an Anarkali suit, lehenga, or saree.

2. Ruby Emerald Pearl Choker

This multi-stone gold Kundan choker necklace, which is modeled after the peacock’s grace, looks well with any style or colour of apparel. The moonlike pearls provide rubies, emeralds, and polkis’ artistic creation a royal touch. All jewellery lovers must have this item of South Indian jewellery in their collections. Moreover, to make shopping much easier you can do online artificial jewellery shopping.

3. Gold and Pearl Jhumka Earring

The classic South Indian jewellery has a modern twist thanks to this elegantly crafted jhumka. This jewellery will go with a one-piece dress or gown just as well as it would a silk saree. This pair of gold earrings are fitted with pearls and CZ stones yet only weighs 15.9 grams overall, making it quite easy to wear for extended gatherings.

4. Nakshi Gold Waist Vaddlanam

Any outfit you can imagine looks great with this traditional South Indian jewellery. The Vaddlanam is embellished with priceless Ruby stones and features beautiful yellow gold nakshi motifs.

5. Floral Yellow Gold Ring

Not only is this traditional South Indian jewellery stunning to look at, but it is also really comfy to wear. The ring weighs only 2.36 grams, making it perfect for everyday wear. This is the ideal engagement ring for you if you’re a modern woman whose wardrobe frequently varies between jeans and a saree.

6. Nakshi Gold Antique Bangles

These antique bangles, which feature intricate nakshi work throughout, are a pleasure for collectors. This piece of South Indian jewellery exudes an enduring charm. It is the perfect party wear due to the nicely placed rubies. The bangle is so elegant that it goes with every outfit that one chooses to wear.

7. Mango Mala

Mango Malas, sometimes referred to as Managa Malai, is a type of South Indian jewellery that takes the form of a necklace with beads that have the shape of a mango strung together. Any bride would look extremely flamboyant on this important day thanks to the extravagantly detailed and ethnic mango Mala.

8. Kasu Haram / Kasulaperu

A famous piece of fashionable and classy jewellery is known in Telugu as “Kasulaperu.” It takes the form of a neckpiece and is made up of gold coins with gods’ pictures etched on them. For South Indian brides, kasu harams are a type of gold jewellery that is available in both a shiny and an aged finish. Brides seeking a more opulent traditional style adore this well-known and classic piece of jewellery. The popularity of kasulaperu in South Indian bridal dresses is enormous, and each piece is a gorgeous, attention-grabbing work of art.

9. Kundan set for the wedding

The kundan jewellery set for women resembles Polki but uses glass in place of diamonds. These erratic stones have a distinctive, elegant feel. Kundan designs have changed over time, according to new fashions. These semi-precious stone-studded patterns have grown to be a popular low-cost substitute for Polki diamond jewellery.


Every bride wants to stand out from the crowd, thus she will look for the newest fashion trends. For you to be aware of what is fashionable when it comes to south indian jewellery sets, we have selected some of the most recent trends in south Indian bridal jewellery. To know trends you must do online artificial jewellery shopping.

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