Let’s Learn More about App Membrane

This is a specific waterproofing material that is manufactured from bitumen. It is used on the rooftops and even on the floor and helps prevent leakage.

In the article below, we will learn more about the membrane, its features, its pros and cons, and what to consider when applying it.

Features of the App Membrane

As we all know the roof is the top of every building hence it is exposed to rain, and even the floors are exposed to water; to prevent water leakage, we use a membrane.

  • It has a great malleable character, and this is the capability of stress that is applied before the material breaks due to tension.
  • It is greatly air-tight, ruling out any chance of water or liquid penetration after application.
  • It is favorable to any weather. If it is cold or hot, it has resistance.
  • It has isotropic properties; even if there is a change in direction, the membrane won’t change properties.
  • It has outstanding bond-ability.
  • It is very flexible in temperature change.
  • It is smooth when applied when hot. It helps it to melt well.

We have advantages and disadvantages of the membrane.


  1. It has very excellent UV resistance. It is suitable in all-weather hence having a great resistance property.
  2. It cannot be affected even when the temperature changes since it is made for both temperatures.
  3. It is very flexible.
  4. If well taken care of, it can last up to 20 years and has a warrant of protection.
  5. It has no bond-making, and there is a high guarantee of protection from the outflow of liquids.
  6. It can offer gluing and rubberiness and is great for shielding department stores.

Even though it has many advantages, it also has disadvantages.


  • Even though I have seen that it works on surfaces, it is not suitable for all surfaces.
  • For it to work well, your roof should have an outlet for the water. If there is no outlet, the stagnant water will cause leakage and this will cause damage to the material.
  • It is not great for the roof terrace.

Points to consider when the application

For it to be more effective, there are different things to consider. Failure to do it will cause problems.

  • It’s key to note if the coating material has opposition to rubbing. It should not have bonded tirade over it when smoothening.
  • When applying on the breaker junction, for it to still have its movement accommodation, it is important to put a backer rod to the outside before applying the screed and have the right DFT.
  • It is important to note the right Dry film thickness, which is great resistance from reaching.
  • In different circumstances, the DFT is different; on the wall is 1 mm, and on the floor, it is 1.1-1.3mm. Pools and even on the balconies are 1.5-2mm.
  • If it has a low viscosity, it may need more coating, like three coats, to gain the right standard.
  • It is also very important to consider the weather when applying, and one should get the right application to be able to get a good application and the best results.

Application Process

Before getting the app membrane on the surface, check the surface it shouldn’t have dirt like oil or chemical.

First, apply an undercoat on the top. An electrode tool is used to maintain the right overtopping for the joints 10cm and 15cm for the ends.

The coat’s surface on the junction is melted before the junctions are joined together.

For the application, it starts from the flat place of the surface to the apex of the surface.

The membrane is pushed against the surface for a stronger bond. After sorting the membrane, it should not be tampered with by lifting it. The overlay is then pushed into the joints using a scoop or spade.

Then a round tip trowel is used to smoothen up the bitumen produced at the seams and remember to crest the border into the trench.


We have all learned what the membrane is and its function and we have seen how it should work and its importance.



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