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Custom Wheels and Tires to Roll into Summer in Style

There are several upgrades that you can make to your vehicle this summer that will elevate its look and style in an instant. Most people go with something simple such as tinted windows, paint protection film, or lighting accessories. But nothing really makes a statement out there on the road quite like custom wheels and tires. Not only do they kick up the style of the car a couple notches, but they can also improve the way your vehicle drives, too.

The hardest part about choosing custom wheels and tires is that there is almost too much choice. There are so many wheel and tire manufacturers out there that are cranking out phenomenal products. In the spirit of narrowing things down, we’re showcasing our top four manufacturers of wheels so that you have a starting point to your shopping process.

Fuel Off-Road

At the top of our list is perhaps one of the heaviest hitters in the wheel game. Everything that Fuel Off-Road puts out is just as tough as it looks. Their custom-made aluminum wheels are some of the most durable in the entire industry, made specifically for those who want to elevate the look of their truck without sacrificing strength. They come in 1-piece, 2-piece, forged, and deep lip styles, which means you’ve got plenty of options to choose from.


“Perfection doesn’t rest.” That’s what they say over there at Niche, and their current line of wheels shows they’re not just talk – they’ve got the action to back it up. Whether you’re driving a sporty two-door or hulking SUV or truck, Niche has plenty of bold designs that are sure to kick up your custom wheel game to the max. Both their Cast Series and Forged Series of wheels are two options you can’t go wrong with.


If you’re looking for something straight out of the “Fast and the Furious” franchise, then Method wheels are going to be right up your alley. These guys have had bonafide street racers like Blake Wilkey and Travis Pastrana personally endorse their product. But more importantly than that, they make a high-quality wheel that values speed as much as it does style. They use durable lightweight metals that keep your whip nimble and quick out there on the road.

DUB Wheels

For all you chrome lovers out there, DUB Wheels is going to be the pick for you. Much like Ferrari is known for their red F1 cars, the DUB Wheel brand specializes in shiny chrome-finished wheels that bling bright in sunlight. You’ll be cranking heads all day with these babies. Add the spinning wheel shops gold coast option for further customization. DUB Wheels can be installed on virtually any car, truck, or SUV.

Custom Tires

If you upgrade to custom wheels, then you might as well upgrade to custom tires while you’re at it. The beauty of custom tires is that you can select your tread, design, and season type (summer, all-season, winter, etc.). This allows you to select a tire based on how you drive the car, whether that be for acceleration, long daily commutes, or driving in inclement weather.

You can also get your custom tires manufactured in a specialty size in the event that your new wheels give you more clearance in the wheel well. The best way to shop for tires is to do so after you select the wheels that you want. This way you’re matching the size of the tire to the wheel rather than the wheel to the tire. That will make the process much less of a headache, and potentially less expensive in the long run.

As far as brands go, you can’t go wrong with the tried-and-true manufacturers of tires such as Michelin, Toyo, BF Goodrich, Goodyear, and Bridgestone.

Upgrade Your Wheels and Tires Today!

As you now know, nothing beats a new set of custom rims and tires. Your only challenge now is narrowing your choices down to the set that match your car’s aesthetic along with your ideal style of driving. Remember, this upgrade is going to potentially alter your car’s handling, so it’s important to consult your install professional about what changes to expect. The best way to shop for custom wheels and tires is by consulting with your looking auto pro in person, let them evaluate your car, and then have them talk you through which style and brand of wheels are going to be the best fit. They can even help you design the custom tires if you’d like.

By the time you get done with your custom wheel and tire upgrade, your vehicle will feel brand now and be turning heads in traffic in no time.

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