Luminous India – A Brand That Offers The Most Reasonable LED Light Prices

When it comes to buying a lighting solution, LEDs have an edge over traditional lighting solutions such as incandescents, halogens, and fluorescents. But now that we know it makes sense to buy an LED, the question is, which is the best LED brand in India? Well, according to us any brand that offers the best value for money would fall into that category. One such brand that we recommend is Luminous India. It is one of the most reputable names in the LED space and is known for offering the best-in-class products at reasonable LED light prices. Let‘s read on to find out why one should consider buying an LED from Luminous India.

1. High energy efficiency

The rise in energy prices is a major concern among households as they have to shell out far more money than they used to a decade ago. The prices have risen, exponentially, and the only way to deal with this is to install energy-efficient LED bulbs, tubes, and lamps. Manufacturing energy-efficient lighting solutions remain at the core of Luminous India. Some of their energy-efficient solutions are the Twilight 3-CCT Batten that consumes 20W of energy, the Uniglow Batten that is available in the following wattage variants – 5W, 10W, 20W, and 22W.

2. Longer lifespans  

One of the biggest benefits that LEDs offer over traditional lighting solutions is longer lifespans. While the average lifespan of an incandescent bulb is around 750 to 2000 hours, and that of a fluorescent bulb is in the range of 20,000-30,000 hours, LEDs offer lifespans of 35000 to 50000 hours. Luminous India, too, ensures that its LEDs offer relatively higher lifespans. The Pro Plus Batten, for instance, comes with robust electronics for long life and diffused optics.

3. Virtually no heat emission

The good thing about LEDs is that they help conserve energy by ensuring minimal heat loss. Unlike incandescents that convert only 20 percent of the power they consume into light, the LEDs convert a substantial amount of energy consumed into the light. Luminous LEDs, too, are designed to ensure minimal heat loss.  The Luminous Smart Switch Batten, for instance, comes with an aluminum body for efficient heat dissipation. 

4. Unique features and designs

The traditional lighting solutions used to be plain and boring. There are hardly any style and design options available. LEDs, on the other hand, are sleek and stylish. They are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Some LEDs even offer multiple color options in one. For example, the Luminous Comet Eco Concealed Light allows you to switch between the following colors – cool white, warm white, red, green, blue. Similarly, if you are looking for an LED that lets you change the ambiance of your room as per your mood or the occasion, you can go for the Multi Scene Batten that allows you to choose between regular illumination, soft ambiance, and full brightness.

5. Eco-friendly

Luminous India is an environment-conscious company that understands the seriousness of the issues such as global warming and the greenhouse effect. All its products including LED lights are manufactured keeping in mind their need to be environmentally friendly. Their LED lighting solutions not just ensure minimal heat emission but are 100% recyclable. Luminous India LEDs also contribute to a lower carbon footprint as they come with longer life spans which means reduced need for production. Last but not, unlike incandescents and other traditional lighting solutions that contain toxic elements such as mercury, LED lights have no such harmful constituents. 

To Conclude

If you haven’t switched to LED already then you must definitely consider doing that soon. It will not just help you save on your energy bills but will also let you contribute to a greener and cleaner Earth.  Also, make sure you check out the wide range of LED options that Luminous India has to offer. Some of the LED types that you can find on their online portal include LED bulbs, LED ceiling lights, LED battens, and many more.  

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