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Magento 2 Elasticsearch — Bring New Colors to Standard Features

What is considered to be literally the most essential features of online stores? Of course, this is the search function. The reason is that shoppers must be able to find the necessary items quickly and with no difficulties. The faster they get the right results — the more sales you have.
The extension we have today is designed to provide you with an extremely efficient search tool. Besides, its compatibility is awesome, which makes it a must-have module for all users. This add-on is based on the Elasticsearch engine that is also used by many other websites because it’s an open-source platform with a decent range of useful features. There are probably no stores on the internet that would not be satisfied with this engine.
Achieve the best productivity with the help of this module that allows you to integrate Elasticsearch into Magento and improve the results of the search. Users will fall in love with your online store when they make sure on their own they can find anything in no time, no matter what they use at the moment — a PC or a mobile device.


Without further interruption, let’s move straight to the core of the overview — the list of benefits and possibilities.

Autocomplete feature

Autocompleting saves a significant amount of time and allows users to do the search much faster. The add-on predicts potential items, giving advice to customers so that they can choose one of the suggested options. Moreover, the TypeAhead feature monitors the most common requests in the store to provide consumers with the best suggestion, while they are trying to type the name of a product. Elasticsearch users can also enjoy the Fast mode. What else does this feature offer to us?
● Simple management. Select the type of displayed details for search results.
● Various Content. Using this search, you don’t get only product names but also additional content. This helps users to locate the appropriate page quicker, for instance.
● Hot Searches. Let everyone see what people look for in the majority of cases. Promote your special offers or the most popular items using the top chart of searching requests.
● Ready for mobile use. Good compatibility is always great, especially nowadays. People tend to use mobile devices much more often than PCs.So, it’s awesome to have the autocomplete feature in mobile versions too.

Searching Options

This feature knows what you want because it analyzes all requests and provides users with interesting offers. Thus, the first page should always contain what shoppers want to see to catch an eye and make people want to stay. In addition to this, you can manage locations of particular goods on the pages on your own, whenever a specified request(s) is(are) made.
Another important aspect concerns Morphology. People may make mistakes, which will lead to no search results, unfortunately. This is unacceptable. With the help of innovative technologies, the extension suggests similar requests with the right Morphology you might have been looking for.
Searching options:
● By code. Seek products by codes with special symbols. This facilitates the process many times because online shop visitors may search items by SKU and ISBN.
● Special words. Another feature that makes it possible for consumers to find exactly what they came for, even though the entered request doesn’t match the product 100%. Just set the list of words to increase the accuracy of searching.
● Autocorrection. Without this extension, all misspelled requests will give no results. Meanwhile, the module automatically corrects all incorrect words, providing users with the best results.
● Alternative suggestions. For some reason, you may not have a requested product in stock at the moment. To not disappoint customers who search exactly for this item, the module offers the most similar results that are available now.
● Related requests. One more way to offer a good alternative is to show what other shoppers who have similar desires are searching for. Consumers can use this list of related requests as a hint.
● Multiple Languages. This advantage deserves a lot of attention — all the features work with any language. This makes the Elasticsearch add-on a very flexible platform.

Make it simpler to seek

Any content represented in your web version of the shop can be found. In other words, if it exists — you can search for it. To be more specific, here is the list of content types users may look for:
● All product attributes are included in the searching process.
● All matched categories are displayed to consumers.
● The extension will also show consumers the values of particular attributes.
● CMS Pages. All pages that match the request will be displayed as well.
● Third-Party Plugins. The content of other plugins and external systems can be also scanned by this module. For example, you can search among WordPress Blog or Knowledge base.
● Custom content. Connect data sources you think will be profitable for your clients. The extension will include this content in the search results.

Speed and Scalability

Regarding speed, the engine used as a base ensures enough searching speed for users to find the products in milliseconds. This positively affects your business because it has a great influence on customer feedback and the number of sales. Today’s package provides the following features in terms of speed:
● Layered navigation. Compared to the MySQL request in default Magento that is slow and requires too many resources, Magento 2 Elasticsearch speeds everything up and prevents the servers from overloading.
● Scaling. Massive catalogs and sites with a high load require a special approach. Thus, this add-on uses the cluster to process the data with the help of different servers, which allows you to keep the performance of your online store at its best.

Additional benefits

Some features are quite complicated to group together, that’s why we decided to make a general block with a few more interesting advantages that will make your eCommerce matters a little easier:
● Redirects. It happens that you can occasionally get to a 404 error page, which is not good. To not let your customers get into a situation like this, the module redirects them from 404 pages to the search results they need. For example, if someone found a product that is no longer on the list, the module automatically redirects this user to the page with related items. This can save you a lot of money.
In addition to this, the extension allows customers to find the exact match. This means that if there is only one product found, people will be immediately taken to the right page instead of viewing results.
● Separate pages. You are able to create special pages with their own meta-data that are just like any other catalog pages. This is made to facilitate catalog management and improve SEO optimization. Create landing pages for various keywords or key phrases. For instance, it can be a page for a certain request, where only related products are displayed. Besides, it’s pretty simple to create and support such pages.
In some cases, it may be useful to redirect customers to landing pages. Especially if they are searching for particular words. However, you should set this feature wisely to not make a mess.
● Searching from Google. It’s a great idea to let users search content on your website straight from the Google search bar. This increases the chance to chase new customers and get more sales.
● Reports. You know that analytics is the core of a successful business because it gives you the opportunity to fix existing issues and prevent potential ones, that’s why it’s important to have some reports to view. The first report is related to search terms, showing you the most popular ones. And the second one is about the volume. And this report includes the information regarding the number of requests and how many times customers clicked on them.
If you want to have more information about this module, the only thing is left to tell you is that the Elasticsearch Engine is used by many worldwide services, such as Wikipedia, The Guardian, and GitHub.


Summarizing everything we have learned about the Magento 2 Elasticsearch extension, we want to say that it’s just pointless using standard features. The search is a focal point for such enterprises, and if you want to get profit and develop your business, this module will help you for sure. Even though you may think it’s pricey to afford such extensions because you already have a few and you can’t buy all of them, think about how much money you can make using the possibilities you obtain. Use the right modules for your Magento and make your business grow.

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