Malta Dual Citizenship

Being a Maltese citizen grants strong advantages, including the ability to study and conduct business in Europe and travel to over 186 countries freely and with no visa required. There are multiple possibilities to become a Maltese citizen, both by living there and contributing. In this article, experts from the Immigrant Invest agency will get into details of Malta’s dual citizenship and how to acquire it.

Does Malta  Allow Dual Citizenship?

Since February 2000, Malta allows dual citizenship. This means that when a person receives a passport of Malta they can keep a previous one. Maltese citizens, on their part, can get additional citizenship in other countries as well.

How to Get Malta Citizenship

There are various ways of getting dual citizenship in Malta. By investing, you will gain it quickly, while acquiring it without money input will be longer but makes a worthy investment in your future, which is explained in detail at Now we will present the available ways to become one.

Naturalization, Marriage, and Adoption

When you have spent at least 5 years living in Malta, a person can apply for citizenship. Also, people married to citizens of Malta can do the same if their marriage is older than five years. Children adopted by parents or institutions from Malta automatically get one after a certain time.

Malta Citizenship by Investment

Under the recently adopted Malta citizenship by investment program, adult people from other countries are allowed to make a request to receive a passport after making the listed investments and contributions to the country’s real estate and economy:

€600,000-€750,000 pledge to a special fund;
€10,000 or larger donation to an NGO involved in charity;
at least €700,000 real estate purchase without a right to resell for five years. If they don’t wish to buy property they can rent an estate for no less than €16,000 a year.
This program allows to include family members so they can also gain citizenship. The country charges an additional €50,000 for each relative who will get a passport together with an investor.

Benefits of getting Malta’s Citizenship by Investment

Obtaining citizenship by investment in Malta demands a significant input of money. But the prospects and advantages you get for it are definitely worth it. For this article, we have asked an expert from Immigrant Invest, Victoria Atanasova, to highlight the most prominent advantages of Maltese citizenship. If you want to know more, discover additional details about its benefits and pitfalls in her article

Quality of Living

Malta is a rich and highly developed country. Here, all members of your family can enjoy security, good infrastructure, and freedoms, not to mention a pleasant climate that attracts thousands of tourists each year.

Freedom to Travel

Malta is a member of the European Union, so its citizens can enjoy free travel across the union. Besides that, Malta has a visa-free regime with many tier one countries. They include Great Britain, Canada, Japan, and the United States.

Education Prospects

Once your family becomes EU citizens, it opens vast learning possibilities for your children since they can study all across Europe. This won’t require any additional paperwork or permissions. It is a sound investment in their future.

Business Opportunities

Malta’s investment citizenship opens the door for expanding business throughout Europe. It opens great opportunities to sell products in countries where people have high buying capabilities.

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