Miami neighborhood guide for newcomers

Are you planning to move to Miami, Florida? If you are, well, you are certainly not the only one! Miami has always been a hotspot for newcomers. And, even though fashions change, Miami always seems to be in style. It is like that because of many reasons – good economy, plenty of job opportunities, great health care and education systems, diverse real estate options, great weather all year round, top-notch entertaining choices, and of course, plenty of things to do on those days off. As you can see, Miami does have a lot to offer to its resident (and its tourists), so as soon as you settle in, put on your walking shoes and start exploring. We are also here to help you with that exploration by sharing with you our Miami neighborhood guide for newcomers.


Approximately 10 years ago, Wynwood, a small, industrial neighborhood in Miami was a no-man’s land. This was a neighborhood you would go to if you wanted trouble. Because of all the thefts and vandalism, the crime rate in Wynwood was extremely high. However, for a just short period of time, the situation changed drastically. And, it changed for the better. Nowadays, Wynwood is a hot spot for all artists. It is a neighborhood full of theatres, cinemas, galleries, boutiques, antique shops, thrift stores trying to get rid of old furniture and clothes, and trendy and hipster-like coffee shops and restaurants. Moreover, this is a place to go if you are interested in wall murals as well. Every year, a group of artists joins and decorates the walls – you can be a part of that public art too, just check the Wynwood Wall group.

Design District

Speaking of neighborhoods that have seen a major glow up in the last ten years or so, we cannot go on without mentioning the neighborhood called Design District. This was a relatively small, quiet, and nothing-special neighborhood. However, recently, it became a place to see and a place to be seen. Namely, all the celebrities who are visiting Miami, show up here. Of course, you do not have to be a celebrity to go here, but you have to dress to impress. People who come here are obviously trying to show off. Designer brands are everywhere – from head to toes. And, what do those people do there – well, they either shop more designer items or they come to have a stylish brunch. So, when your professional movers help you move in, and once you get tired of the beach, give this posh neighborhood a visit.

Mid Beach 

Mid Beach is just one part of the famous South Beach in Miami. It is a neighborhood full of old-school hotels and restaurants that offer that classic mid-century Miami Beach experience. The things you can see, hear, and try here are truly one of a kind. Almost all hotels and restaurants in Mid Beach offer a 5-star experience to their guests, so whether you are a celebrity or not, you will be treated like a star. And, once you have had enough of wining and dining, prepare your phone for some snaps – here is where you will find those iconic pastel lifeguard huts. Share them on your Instagram feed, and then check out the bars right on the beach. Some have day and night parties 24/7, and some offer a more tranquil experience. But, they both offer the same thing – a twist on the classics. You just can’t be in Miami and not try its versions of cocktails!

South South Beach 

According to locals, the south south beach or the southernmost part of South Beach is a staple. It is that part of Miami you used to see on postcards. Famous for its crystal clear water and white sand, this neighborhood is loved by everybody. So, after professional movers have you settled in no time, treat yourself and pay this mesmerizing place a visit. Besides sunbathing (and sighting celebrities), here, you can also enjoy tasting world specialties in some of the most amazing restaurants and cocktail drinking in some of the most unique bars. This is a place perfect for people of all walks of life – children can enjoy the beach, youngsters can enjoy the clubbing, and adults can enjoy sightseeing, shopping, and fine eating.

Coconut Grove 

Coconut grove is, without a doubt, the oldest neighborhood in Miami. However, just because it is the oldest, doesn’t mean that it looks run down or past its prime. Quite the contrary – Coconut Gove has never looked better. Architecture is mesmerizing – that is why you see so many tourists with cameras here. And, after they are done checking out the houses, villas, museums, and galleries, then they take their cameras to the breathtaking waterfront views of Biscayne Bay or to the lunch tropical park located right in the center of the neighborhood. People love visiting Coconut Grove because of that bohemian vibe it has. Everything here feels different – it feels timeless, luxurious, and somehow quirky. So, when you pack for moving or for traveling to Miami, do not forget to pack something fancy – you will need it when visiting this neighborhood.

Little Havana 

West of Downtown Miami is a historic neighborhood called Little Havana. It is called that way because all the Cuban immigrants, when they came to Miami, settled here. Now, this neighborhood is a cultural phenomenon. Here, you hear people speak different languages, you see them eat different food, and you see them drinking different drinks. Pubs, bars, and cafes are reserved for croquetas and Cuban coffee, streets for festivals and events, and parks for seniors playing dominos. However, what makes this neighborhood so different is the friendliness of the locals. They are more glad to see you than you are them. They may even offer to show you around and tell you all the secrets about life in Little Havana.

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