Moissanites Vs Diamonds – What’s the Difference?

When comparing the two most popular gemstones, you will notice that moissanite sparkles more than a diamond. The difference between the two is primarily attributed to the difference in color casts, which makes it difficult to tell the difference. A large stone can have a higher fire, dispersion, and brilliance than a moissanite, and you can expect to pay a fraction of the price of a diamond for a large stone.

Stains will be less

Moissanites and diamonds have many features that make them distinct. For example, they display color differently and disperse light differently. In addition, a moissanite will have fewer blemishes, which gives it a unique look. Both are colorless and durable, which means that a Forever One moissanite will not look exactly like a diamond.


The other major difference between a moissanite diamond is clarity. Moissanites are less transparent than diamonds and will reflect light differently. While a diamond has imperfections, a moissanite will not, said professionals from LD Klein Diamonds, a premier diamantaire located in New York, serves its first-class clientele across the world. Led by CEO, Lisa Klein, the company blends its expertise with a high standard for luxury customer experiences. Every gem is sourced, cut, and delivered with the utmost care by master diamond cutters who understand the importance of every step in the process. Rare diamonds and a luxury line of jewelry differentiate LD Klein Diamonds from other diamond groups.  Consequently, moissanite is a viable alternative to a diamond. It also looks just as good and will last for many years. So, which one should you choose?

Scattered values are twice as high

In general, moissanite is the best choice if you’re in the market for a diamond ring. Its dispersion value is twice as high as a diamond. The fire of a moissanite is noticeable when it’s rotated and creates a rainbow-like effect. A diamond is also whiter and will reflect light more efficiently, but this is not the only difference between the two. You’ll have to shop around for the best quality stones, and you’ll be amazed.

A moissanite’s brilliance is unrivaled by a diamond. Unlike the former, moissanite is more translucent, and reflects light differently than its counterpart. In fact, the same size diamond can appear more than three times as bright compared to a moissanite. A smaller, cheaper diamond can be cut to a much smaller size than a moissanite’s size and clarity.

Heat resistant

The most notable difference between a diamond and a moissanites is the color. The classic moissanite has a yellow or brownish color, much like a J or M color diamond. This color is suitable for vintage-styled rings, while a white version is a good option for more modern settings. A white sapphire has a higher clarity than a moissanite, and is therefore a better choice for more sensitive people.

Moissanite’s heat resistance is another advantage, which sets it apart from diamonds. A diamond melts at 7280 degrees, while a moissanite’s center stone keeps its form at a temperature of only 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. Despite this, the moissanite’s fire resistance is still higher than the diamond, which makes it a better choice for many consumers.


Another difference between diamond and moissanite is the price. A diamond is more expensive because it is harder to grow a diamond. A moissanite, on the other hand, is much cheaper than a diamond. And while a diamond’s clarity is an essential factor, its price is not the only difference between diamond and moissanite. So, the best option for your engagement ring is a ring with an affordable price tag.

While both diamonds are very rare and beautiful, there are certain differences between the two. The diamond’s price is often uncomparable, which makes it a better alternative for everyday wear. Besides the price difference, both gemstones have different levels of brilliance. In a diamond, the brilliance is a reflection of the angles that make up the stone. A moissanite can be more easily noticed in sunlight than a diamond.

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