Must-Read Boss Romance of 2023 That You Should Not Miss

The workplace environment might be boring, let’s face it. And when things at the workplace become stale, it may be time to break out the office romance novels. This collection is packed with must-reads about workplace romance, from competitors striving to earn a promotion to personal assistants struggling to keep up with the demanding responsibilities the boss throws at them. This list of the top office and boss romance novels below is sure to include your new favorite workplace romance novel.

Forbidden Bad Boy Biker: An Off Limits, Nanny Romance

If nanny romance is up your ally, then this is definitely the right book for you. Brie is a young lady who lives in a rural area. She’s a waitress in a dive restaurant despite having a college diploma. That is, until she reads an article in a magazine that might completely alter her future. She obtains a job as a nanny in L.A. and can’t believe her good fortune when she meets bad boy biker Teddy Fisher. They both know he’s just playing around, but she has no intention of becoming the next notch on his bedpost. They agree to keep things on a businesslike level. Yet it’s clear that he feels the same way about her as she does about him. Despite her misgivings, Brie finds herself more attracted to him, and the two have become quite close. On the surface, Teddy seemed to be the ideal boss: thoughtful, kind, and giving. After learning about his reputation with women, however, Brie decided to maintain their connection on a purely business. What happens next?

Dirty Headlines

Jude Humphry is having a hard time. Jude is having a hard time making ends meet due to a number of factors, including her father’s rising medical expenditures, her boyfriend’s adulterous extracurriculars, and her own job search. Hence, she decides to let free for an incredible night of debauchery after meeting a fascinating stranger while drinking away her sorrows in a pub. Seeing the mysterious playboy again was the last thing on Jude’s mind. She had no idea that her one-night-stand is the eligible bachelor of Manhattan, the media mogul heir CĂ©lian Laurent. The icing on the cake? Her new superior is him. Very hot, very humorous, very nice You won’t be able to put Dirty Headlines down until you’ve finished reading this hilarious workplace romance.

These Vile Secrets

Murder. Conspiracy. Deception. Roman Mitchell, being the heir of the Enclave, a secret organization, is no stranger to deception. Roman is hellbent on exposing his family’s crimes, so he digs out every dirty family secret his father has hidden. If not for the gorgeous six-foot jackass in Armani who viciously decimates Roman at every step, everything would be moving nicely. The last thing Hale Calloway wants to do is spend his time and energy grooming his practically one-night-stand from the night before, a spoilt trust-fund kid, to take over as CEO of Key Enterprise Holdings. Yet, he does a thing that no man ever has done before: he climbs his walls and destroys them one by one. An enemies-to-lovers MM workplace romance with hot chemistry, hazardous falsehoods, and twists which will leave you yearning for more, These Vile Secrets is dark, sexy, and heartbreaking.

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