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Ninjas are always appealing to me- the killer looks, the confident audacity; all these makes them even more appealing. Their style of looking at enemies, and the calculated movements- all are worth noting. Whatever they do – they do it for a reason. Always ingested with alertness, dealing with a real ninja is not an easy task.

Ninjas are not after fame and publicity; they are very dedicated to their missions and do whatever it takes for them to do. It is normally very daunting to make a ninja submit to situations. The rigorous training and discipline since childhood makes them unbreakable even in tough situations.

Watching Ninjas in the movies helps us to know more about them, their origins, and their lifestyle, and with animation movies it is more interesting to watch ninja stories which are based on an important mission.

So, in 2022, the ninja fans have great hopes built around a few animation series. We will talk about two of them- namely “Ninjai” and the “Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.”

#1: Ninjai – The Little Ninja

Amazing flash animation, impressive scenery, great supporting characters, superb voiceovers and dialogue delivery and a contemplative genre indeed. This series starts out with a little ninja boy named Ninjai walking through lone roads, jungles with his swords dressed in traditional ninja attire. He also carries other small tactical ninja weapons. He is seen to contemplate about his life and often asking himself about this identity and purpose. He meets enemies and few friends on the way. At times, when thieves attack him, he is seen swooshing his ninja sword and easily knocking them down.

After a few episodes, he meets his little bird friend and Ninjai continues his journey of travelling through the woods along with the newly made friend – the little bird.

The series continues with more enemies attacking the little ninja, but he confidently defeats them. You will see a lot of violence though but the composure of Ninjai is also worth watching. It is heard that the series comprises of twelve episodes but there will be more additions in future. This series was created by a group named Ninjai Gang and it is well acclaimed during the initial release.

In short, it was an extremely good series – all done in flash animation. It is thrilling and enlightening as well. So, stay tuned for more info about the upcoming Ninjai movie.

#2: Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie

Also known as Rise of the TMNT for short, the movie is a sheer display of great animation and ninja skills. The mutant turtles are famous for their fighting against evil. A time traveller contacts these ninjas and warn about some impending dangers. So, these ninjas are geared up to unlock their powers and tackle this danger mission.

The turtles are going to be voiced over by Ben Schwartz, Omar Benson Miller, Brandon Mychal Smith, John Brener, and Eric Bauza. The show is going to be produced by Netflix and is slated for release in 2022.


There are lot of ninja movies and animation movies slated to get released this 2022, let us make this year a superb year by enjoying these animation masterpieces and the spectacular storylines. Enjoy!!

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