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At present, the popularity of the online news portal team is skyrocketing. Their news source has taken the place of loyalty to the people at present. Coming out of that paper magazine of the previous day, now people are sitting anywhere on the online news portal and getting news anytime.  It used to take a day to get the news in the paper newspapers, but now the news in the online newspapers spread to the online world an hour ago. And people know it instantly for the sake of online.

With just the addition of a digital device and a girl, anyone can instantly read news of any moment happening anywhere in the world. And that’s why paper newspapers are now leaning towards online news portals. In the digital age, it is natural for everyone to be digital. In the modern age, people are so modern that anyone can run a complete news portal. However, the more online the news portal is, the more it loses its credibility. Many people publish unreasonable news in the greed of popularity. The public life of flowers becomes abnormal at the moment.

What about online newspaper?

A popular Ethiopian latest newspaper is They provide the Ethiopian community with balanced news, diverse issues, and perspectives on all political spectrum. Alyou Tebeje is the owner of He has owned the newspaper since 2005. There is a wide range of fields of health, sports, recreation, politics, and education. This newspaper is committed to separating opinions and news when they are covered. The editorial department is committed to human rights and is committed to supporting democracy.

How they are collecting their news from true sources?

The primary function of this newspaper is to inform and help the community with fair and impartial information. It is committed to maintaining a positive outlook on education, health, sports, and politics. ZeHabesha Newspaper is dedicated to its readers to inform the readers. The editorial department’s job is to advise on community-related philosophies and positions. website takes great care to prepare and maintain all the information and always be ready. A website never guarantees its accuracy, expertise, adequacy, and reliability. The content of this website may change at any time without notice. The copyright owner of this website has not always specifically authorized the use of copyrighted material.

This is a website to enjoy. You can send any comments and questions, and it is always ready for this task. The founder and executive editor of this broad newspaper website are Alyou Tebeje.

What does it work with?

Its primary function is to provide the latest news, analysis, health, sports industry and entertainment news to the open community. Healthcare means helping the people make the Ethiopian community aware of their health and provide various vital information to get healthcare.

The website also aims to entertain the Ethiopian community by providing information on entertainment programs. Great edit of the website is to keep the Ethiopian community informed about the latest international, national, and regional sports.

In a word, the newspaper is always working tirelessly to help the Ethiopian community by providing all the world information.

From which links does this website get its news?

The links that is collecting their news from are so many reliable sources. The religion blogs are Ethiopian, Ethiopian church blog, and Ethiopian church journal.

The website of this newspaper welcomes you at any moment. It is effortless to contact this website. You can quickly contact us for any problem and opinion or any information. You can contact us to submit any comments at admin and info

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