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Get to know the oxygen concentrator an essential tool that helps maintain the body’s oxygen level. Ready to recommend brands and models that are worth using at a price of because the number of Covid-19 patients is increasing and there is a tendency to wait longer in bed than before. Some people need home isolation, making portable oxygen concentrators one of the hottest items these days. Both bought for use at home or buy it to donate to various hospitals because this device can create pure oxygen for patients with lung conditions. Until the blood oxygen level drops to below 96%, it is one of the helpers to reduce the risk of death.  Today portable oxygen machine for sale will take everyone to know how the oxygen concentrator works. Who needs it and including introducing portable oxygen concentrator brands at a price of very less?

What is an oxygen concentrator?

Oxygen concentrator or oxygen concentrator it is a medical device designed to produce and increase the concentration of oxygen in the air suitable for patients with respiratory problems. Or who need more oxygen than normal people due to low oxygen content in the blood it is usually used in conjunction with a breathing apparatus and must only be used with a doctor’s approval. In COVID situation people purchasing it for emergency use Buy portable oxygen concentrator Online gives you best opportunity to buy it online form their home. If you want to buy oxygen concentrator online on best price than click on this highlighted link and visit on our official website. Its branded site related to oxygen concentrator. I will recommend you to must visit once indeed you will satisfy from our products and service also.

How does an oxygen concentrator work?

The oxygen concentrator operates on the basis of PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) i.e. the air contains approximately 21% oxygen, 78% nitrogen and other gases. The unit uses porous zeolite to absorb nitrogen and other gases out of the air entering the machine resulting in oxygen concentration up to 96%

What types of oxygen generators are there?

Continuous Flow Oxygen Concentrator

 It is a device that produces oxygen with continuous flow, easy to use, convenient because it manages to set the oxygen volume to suit the patient better than Pulse Dose. It can produce more than 3 liters of oxygen / minute, so it can support a wide range of oxygen needs than Suitable for patients who need oxygen from 2-5 liters per minute, but because the machine is large and heavy, many brands have casters for easy mobility.

Pulse Dose Oxygen Concentrator

 It is a machine that produces oxygen that is delivered periodically according to the patient’s inhalation. It can produce oxygen from 450-1,250 ml/min. Suitable for patients who need less oxygen or not more than 2 liters / minute. Small, lightweight, some brands come with a shoulder strap or a small backpack for carrying.

Oxygen concentrator VS oxygen tank

What’s the difference?

Both devices are designed to provide oxygen to patients with respiratory problems. And help maintain stable oxygen levels but the two have differences as follows:

Oxygen Concentrator: Easy to use, just plug it in. Turn on the machine and use it immediately, saving time and saving more costs. Because it is a one-time purchase and can be used for a long time, but there are disadvantages. Always need electricity if the power goes out, it cannot be used and cannot be used during travel because the machine is designed to be used with home electricity only. Therefore, it is necessary to have a spare oxygen tank ready in case of emergency.

Oxygen cylinders: provide purer oxygen. With a concentration of about 99% (while the oxygen concentrator maxes out at 93-96%), it can be used on the car or during travel. Because there are many sizes, many capacities, easy to move. But there is a problem of waste because they have to keep adding oxygen often and cost more. 

Portable oxygen concentrator who cans it be used with?

 In the use of portable oxygen concentrators it is absolutely necessary to obtain consent and use it only under the guidance of a physician. The patients who can use this machine are as follows:

1. Patients with respiratory problems or patients with other diseases who have symptoms of breathlessness shortness of breath including patients who need to spray medicine to treat symptoms as well

2. Patients with oxygen saturation levels below 85%, meaning COVID-19 patients with angina fast and difficult breathing cough and tired or patients with pneumonia 

3. Neck piercing patients who must wear a mask to cover their neck or use an adjustable gearbox device

How to use a portable oxygen concentrator

  • Add medical distilled water or sterile (Sterile Water) into the humidifier cylinder. In the middle of the cylinder Close the cylinder lid tightly and then connected to the machine 
  • Connect the cannula (oxygen line plugged into the nose) into the oxygen outlet of the machine and the other side is connected to the user Leave the machine on for about 5 minutes to warm up. 
  • Rotate to adjust the oxygen flow meter depending on the advice of the doctor 
  • When finished Unplug the cannula, turn off the power and unplug.

Precautions for use

To use the oxygen concentrator correctly and efficiently the following precautions should be taken into account.

  • The machine should be placed away from flames or devices that may cause sparks at least 2 meters 
  • Be careful not to expose the device to water or humid air. The device should not be placed in the bathroom, near a pool or other water source in case the device is exposed to water. Please turn off the power and unplug immediately. 
  • Avoid cigarette smoke or do not smoke in the room where the machine is being used. 
  • The aerosol product should not be used in a room with an oxygen concentrator running. Including hair spray body spray or even air fresheners 
  • Store your portable oxygen concentrator properly and properly when you’re on the go to prevent damage to the machine.

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