Pearl of the Caribbean. Havana, the capital of Cuba

The city of Havana interesting facts ciekawostki that are worth knowing. What is the city famous for, interesting places

Havana, the capital of Cuba, has gained its fame as one of the most important cities in Latin America. It is a place full of life, culture and history that attracts tourists from all over the world. In this article, we will take a closer look at Havana, find out what it is famous for and what is worth seeing during a visit to this extraordinary city.

Where is Havana and what is it famous for

Havana is located on the west coast of Cuba, the largest island in the Caribbean archipelago. The capital of Cuba boasts over 500 years of history, which began in 1519, when the city was founded. Havana is famous for its colonial architecture, classic American cars from the 1950s. Also from Cuban rum and cigars, as well as from music and dance, which are an inseparable part of the life of the inhabitants.

Places worth seeing – colonial architecture and culture

Havana is a city that impresses with its diversity and richness of culture. First of all, it is worth seeing the Old Town (Habana Vieja), which has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Strolling through the cobbled streets of the Old Town, you can admire magnificent colonial buildings, such as the Palace of the Captains General or the Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Assumption.

It is also worth visiting the Museum of the Revolution, which is located in the former presidential palace. Here you can learn more about Cuba’s history and its revolutionary guide, Fidel Castro.

Havana has plenty of places to listen to authentic Cuban music and dance salsa. Club Tropicana is a legendary theater-club that hosts spectacular shows with live music, dance and costumes.

Tourist attractions – sun, beaches and nature

Havana is not only monuments and culture, but also beautiful beaches and amazing nature. It is worth going to Playas del Este beach, which is located about 20 km east of Havana. It is the perfect place to relax, sunbathe and swim in the warm Caribbean sea.

For lovers of nature and ecotourism, we recommend a trip to La Güira National Park. This picturesque park offers a number of hiking trails from which to admire Cuban flora and fauna, as well as remnants of American missile bases from the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis.

The most interesting monuments – Fortress, Morro and others

Havana has many sights worth seeing. One of them is the Castillo de la Real Fuerza, one of the oldest fortresses in America. This fortaleza, built in the 16th century, played a defensive role, protecting the city from pirate attacks.

The second important monument of Havana is the El Morro Fortress, which is located on the opposite shore of the Bay of Havana. Built in the 16th century, this fort was used for defense and now houses a museum dedicated to the history of Havana and the sea.

Other important landmarks in Havana are also worth visiting, such as the Plaza de la Revolución, home to the monumental statue of Jose Marti, and the Capitolio Nacional, the city’s landmark and seat of government.

To sum up, Havana is a place that impresses with its richness of culture, history and architecture, as well as beautiful beaches and amazing nature. It is a city full of mysteries that are worth discovering during a visit to Cuba.

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