Pedestrian Rights in Auto Collisions 

During auto collisions in Idaho, pedestrians are protected by laws in many ways. For example, during collision with a motorist, the responsibility for notifying the police, filing a police report, offering legal and medical aid lies on the motorists. This is a much needed protection from pedestrians. As a pedestrian, you will suffer grave injuries even in the minor case of collision. Hence, it is important to always practice both physical safety, and legal safeguards. Apart from calling an Idaho car accident attorney, there are many things you can do to ensure your safety. 


Crosswalks are reserved for pedestrians. And pedestrians cannot be safer anywhere else under the maximum scrutiny of law. For example, even if you are drunk, and still walking on a sidewalk, or a crosswalk, you may still receive benefit of the doubt from both court, and jury. On the other hand, while walking on crosswalks, you need to ensure that you yield to motorists on the road. 


As mentioned earlier, sidewalks are designed for pedestrians, and that means, you must walk on the sidewalk, when it is available to you. When sidewalks are not available, you need to keep to the left side of the roadway. You will be expected to face the traffic. 

On the other hand, if a motorist is emerging from a building, driveway, alley needs to yield to pedestrians. 

Responsibilities of Motorists

Motorists are expected to take all care necessary to avoid collision with a pedestrian. This includes maintain a certain distance, sounding the horn, and take all necessary precautions when encountering a child, or an incapacitated adult. 

Drinking as a Pedestrian 

If you are hit on a sidewalk as a drunken adult, you may still receive sympathy, and benefit of the doubt from juries. However, under the law in Idaho, pedestrian incapable of handling their legal responsibilities are not permitted to walk on the roadway. 

There are many things that can go wrong on the road. However, as a pedestrian, you need to watch out for parking lots as well. In Idaho, most accidents occur in parking lots, wherein cars have come to halt and passengers open doors without taking notice of pedestrians behind them. This is a major danger for cyclists, who can find themselves unable to stop, and ramp into the door head-on. 

There are many ways to deal with small injuries. For example, there is a court of small claims, wherein you can claim compensation of $4000. Furthermore, if you have suffered a grave injury, be sure to take the case to trial with the help of a lawyer. 

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