Personal Trainer San Diego: Appropriate Ways to Get Your Body Back On Track After Post-Pandemic

After a year of being stuck in our homes, finally, we are receiving COVID-19 vaccines, which aims to make us live our lives like we used to before the pandemic happened. But in the meantime, we all know how we all have gained a few inches around our waist because of zero to no physical activity.

In the pandemic or the lockdown, we have found ourselves to be tangled in eating habits that are a bit awry. In addition to this, there was an emotional component added to all this, causing the pandemic stress to take a toll on us in some ways. But now, we slowly see the light at the end of the tunnel, and the healthier routines are seeing their way back in our life. So today, in this blog, we will talk about different methods by which you can get your body’s fitness back on track post-pandemic and get it in the shape that you want. 

Top 6 Ways To Get Your Body Back In Shape 

1. Keep The Good Habits & Ditch The Bad Ones

There are some chances that during the pandemic, you were able to establish some good habits such as sleeping on time, having light dinner and others. Well, according to the personal trainer in San Diego, you need to keep them in your daily schedule even after the pandemic is over. 

One of the things which several famous San Diego gyms ask their clients is to leave the trigger foods, the ones which you so want to eat when you see them. For example, a pack of chips or a chocolate cookie. Don’t buy these eating items when you go to the grocery store. This is one of the most important steps you need to take to get your body back on track. 

2. Set Goals & Their Respective Timeline

One of the methods you can motivate yourself is by setting up goals. Yes, as cliche as it sounds, goals can help you achieve better health quickly. Several personal trainers in San Diego prefer setting goals for their clients in a given time frame or deadline. This way, you will stay focused and won’t skip your workout sessions even if you are at home. Many people have a hard time scheduling their workouts in advance, but it is critical to do it when you want to be fit. By setting the goals, you block that particular time of the day in your schedule, and when this happens, you are more likely to adhere to the workout routine. 

But keep in mind, you have to be realistic while setting goals for yourself. If you love to go to the gym in the evening, you should schedule them in the evening and call your personal trainer in San Diego in advance and tell them about the schedule. Don’t think about stopping all your bad habits at once, such as quitting smoking, stop drinking alcohol or ditching fast food all at once. Several people fall for this all or nothing thinking, but according to the personal trainers at Iron Orr Fitness, you should slow up the consumption and escape from your bad habits one by one. 

3. Slow And Steady 

Getting back in shape isn’t easy, and we know that by fact, but when you are starting the journey of being fit once again after the pandemic, you need to take things slow. That means start with those exercise and workout routines with which you are familiar. When you go to Iron Orr Fitness, you should tell the trainer about the exercise you used to do at home or before the pandemic in the gym. Consistency is the key here rather than speed. Start with lifting the smallest of weights, and once your body gets comfortable, start lifting heavier ones. 

 4. Hold Yourself Accountable

It’s not as easy as it sounds. That’s why some of the best San Diego gyms, such as Iron Orr Fitness, ask their clients to hold themselves accountable for their off-day workout sessions, but Iron Orr Certified Trainers set them up with those great workout.

5. Break Up The Workout

Don’t do all things at once; working out doesn’t have to be blocking off 2 hours of your day in succession. You can do shorter workouts throughout the day, and they are pretty effective. Sitting all day is in no way helpful in keeping your body healthy. When you are working at a desk job, take a break of 5 to 10 minutes and walk around; move around a little bit. This is very effective and provides many cumulative health benefits. 

 6. Make Your Workout Social 

This is one of the things which we get to know in the pandemic; when the workout is social, you are invested in it as you will be meeting your gym buddies. Before the pandemic, people used to go to workout sessions in gyms, go for morning walks to interact with their friends and spend some time being social. If you live in an area where it is safe to attend group exercises, you should go for them. Even the best Iron Orr Fitness, offers a great social environment to train with a trainer or just train by yourself in a gym that knows your name and where others value your commitment!

Wrapping Up

Getting yourself back to the gym might feel hard for the first few weeks but believe us, soon it will feel less hectic and more fun, and in no time, you will start to feel healthier and fit. Shoot us an email if you’re ready to commit to a trainer. We’re here for you! [email protected] 

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