Playing Online Poker For Real Money in the United States: Important Things You Must Know

Poker isn’t like most other casino games where players gamble and earn based on luck. Instead, you learn certain strategies until you’re the round winner. Notably, several kinds of poker — including Omaha, Seven Stud, Texas Hold ’em, Five Draw, and Razz, have distinct gameplays.

Since the first deployment of online poker in the US in the late 90s, the game has evolved and become very popular with people, with millions of players all over the country. However, following the arrival of poker on the internet scene, there are still many grey areas in legislation. As a result, many players usually want to confirm if internet poker is legal in the United States, and there are always questions on whether the different online poker offers in Georgia can be accessed without getting in trouble with the law.

The industry boomed during early 2000, especially after Christ Moneymaker’s win. That was only short-lived when UIGE Act was passed in 2006, shutting down the US casinos business. Now, more than a decade and a half after, the state of card gambling in North America seems to have taken a different course.

In this article, we’ve discussed all you must know about internet poker sites in the US, what’s going on with them and what the future holds for them.

How Does Real Money Online Poker Work?

Here is how real money internet poker operates. After registering on the website, you deposit some funds on your dashboard, and you can start spending the deposit. There are various ways to spend that money, but the most popular options include gamblers participating in poker tournaments or playing normal real-money games.

You’ll pay a one-time fee on real-money tournaments to gain access to real-time tournaments and then pay for your wager on the games. The tournaments usually provide chips that allow users to gamble. However, having 3,000 chips doesn’t imply that you’ve got $3,000. Organizers are the ones that dictate the worth of the chips.

Then, for normal real-money gambling, some games put a limit/cap on the amount you can gamble with. Other games enable you to stake as much and frequently as you wish.

Is It Legal To Gamble With Real Money Internet Poker Sites In The US?

It’s legal to play internet poker in some states of the United States of America. This is happening thanks to the adjustments to the Wire Act that transferred the legislation of the casino industry from the control of the Federal to the State governments. Since 2013, playing poker over the internet has been legalized in many US states, though its growth has been slow.

What States Permit Online Poker Gambling With Real Money?

Notably, six states permit the running of online poker within the United States. At first, only three — Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware legalized the casino game within their borders. Then, Pennsylvania joined the train in 2017, regulating and legalizing the industry.

Much later, West Virginia joined the league of states permitting online poker activities in the US. The last state to join the party is Michigan, which regulated poker gambling in 2021.

Benefits Of Online Poker Sites In The US

For years following the tragic ‘Black Friday’ encounter, the only permitted internet poker in the United States was unsafe, unregulated, and not located within the states’ premises. However, the rules have changed, and more regulated and safer platforms have emerged with better solutions. Let’s consider some of them below.

1. Identity Protection

Regulated casino platforms provide legal data and information. Also, before you are allowed to gamble against your opponents, you’d need to provide a source of identification.

In addition, every other player on the board will also identify themselves via valid ID forms. Since the games are not being played physically, the online poker sites ensure that every player on their platform is verified.

2. Safe Transactions

Regulated poker websites in the United States operate under very strict governance of the state’s established licensing authorities. So, every internet casino platform must validate that they’re capable of securing your funds and can perform the necessary transactions effectively.

The licenses are connected to a live brick-and-mortar lottery program that ensures every transaction will be carried out transparently.

3. Reliable Gaming Protocols

Every protocol on regulated sites is strictly monitored and enforced, with severe consequences to operators if any transgression occurs. Casinos that aren’t regulated can easily maneuver with their policies, discounts, bonuses, and others.

But regulated sites will face serious troubles if any instance of that occurs. Thus, users are assured of safe and reliable transactions.

Key Takeaway

Playing online poker in the United States is regulated — but only within a few states. As for the others, gambling in online poker rooms within their borders is still illegal.

The good news for players is that the states where online poker is considered legal have strict regulations and policies that ensure the welfare of gamblers is protected at all times. This regulation ensures every player has access to fair and credible transactions.

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