Pros and Cons of Direct Cremation

What is direct cremation?

There are three main types of cremation services available. They are a cremation with a traditional funeral service, one with a memorial service, and one without a service, known as a direct cremation. In this type of service, the deceased person is cremated shortly after they pass away, and their remains are returned to the family in an urn.

Benefits of Direct Cremation

1. It’s Relatively Cheap

The main benefit of direct cremations is that this is the most affordable option available. Because there is no visitation or viewing, and no memorial service, there are none of the expensive additional costs that are involved in embalming and preparing the deceased for a viewing, and with renting out a funeral home or building for a memorial service. The cost can vary greatly depending on where you live, but in most cities in the United States you can pay under within a few hundred of $1,000. Compared to a traditional funeral service with a burial where you will normally pay $4,000+ and even over $10,000 in some parts of the US.

2. You Can Take the Ashes Anywhere

When you opt for cremation, you are given the cremated remains, commonly known as “ashes”, in an easily portable urn. This offers you almost unlimited opportunities on what you can do with the remains of the deceased. You can opt to keep the urn in your house with you, maybe set it up on the mantle or in a special place. Or you could choose to spread the ashes in nature, in a place that was special and meaningful to the deceased. Check out this article for ideas for spreading ashes.

3. Less Stress

Dealing with the grief that comes when a close friend or family member dies is already tough enough, and having to arrange funeral services just adds even more stress to an already stressful situation. With direct cremation you do not have to worry about finding a funeral home, setting up burial

arrangements, and organizing the memorial service and visitations. In addition, as mentioned in the first benefit, direct cremation is the cheapest option available, so going this route also helps to relieve some of the financial stress that comes with an unforeseen passing. Funeral Directors Bristol will help to planning the best funeral and manage the best service you need.

4. It’s Quick

A third benefit of direct cremation is that it is quicker and easier to arrange than the alternative options. It takes no more than a quick Google search and maybe a phone call or two to arrange. The cremation service provider you choose will do the rest of the work. Because there are no complications involved like there is with arranging funeral and burial services, it is faster and efficient. In most instances, the entire process is completed within two to three days.

Cons of Direct Cremation

1. No Final Goodbye

Seeing your loved on laid out in a casket is always painful, but it can also be a helpful part of the grieving process. Even if you do not need or want to see that, some people may want to present for when the deceased is cremated. While some crematoriums may allow additional guests to be there during the process, many do not.

2. Many Frieds and Family Expect a Traditional Service

Another drawback of direct cremation is that it eschews the traditional expectations that many people have. Traditions exists for a reason, and people have been holding funeral and memorial services for centuries. It is often expected when one passes, and it can be a helpful part of the grieving process for those who were close to the deceased. If you opt for a direct cremation, it may upset those people who are expecting and want to have a memorial service.

Is Direct Cremation Right for You?

Ultimately you have to decide which of the available post-death disposition options is best for you. You will need to assess the process and cons we have provided, and decide based upon which factors you value the most, whether or not direct cremation is the best choice available for you. If you decide to go the direct cremation route, check out this site to find affordable packages in your area.

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