Prostitution in Turkey: An Insight Story

In Turkey, prostitution is legal, but sex workers do not have the same access to labor rights as other workers. “Many sex workers are in a challenging situation because of the coronavirus. A large percentage of transgender people do not have access to labor rights, such as unemployment benefits. As a result, they are suffering economically due to the coronavirus, brothels closing, and a drop in clientele, according to Pembe Hayat, an NGO dedicated to the rights of transgender people.

An insight study about Prostitution of Turkey

According to an Ankara University study, only 2,600 of Turkey’s estimated 150,000 sex workers are licensed and registered with authorities.

Many sex workers have returned to uncontrolled public venues like the street or clandestine clubs since they haven’t gotten unemployment compensation from their employers or the government, according to sex industry non-profits. Do you know that

الدعارة في تركيا تحتل المركز العاشر عالميا بأكثر من 100 ألف فتاة ليل?

Cancel Derya Karagöz, a 45-year-old sex worker with two decades of experience, thinks contacting clients via social media is safer than using traditional methods.

Prostitution is not permitted under Turkish law, save in government-supervised brothels. Prostitutes in Turkey are presumed to be female-only by the Turkish penal law and are considered legal as long as they agree to work in a brothel. As a result, the brothels register in an area that has been approved by the municipality, pay taxes, and agree to abide by the city’s sex workers’ health code. Matild Manukyan, a businesswoman who operated 32 brothels, was the country’s top taxpayer for several years in the early 1990s.

When it comes to their employees, brothels can be a double-edged sword. In comparison to independent sex workers, they act as a safety net. Employees who are registered as brothel workers, on the other hand, will have a difficult time finding alternative work. The label has been given official approval and will remain in place indefinitely. A significant amount of the workers’ wages must be paid to the brothel’s owners as well.

What about the prevailing situation here?

Turkey’s sex industry is evolving at a rapid pace. In broad daylight, young guys are handing out colorful business cards to passersby, including children and police officers, on several major city streets, particularly Ankara. “Ms. X is waiting for you at her home,” the cards state, along with phone numbers and images of them in their underwear. Make a phone call to her.”

Just doing an internet search will turn up dozens of websites offering chauffeur services in various places across the world, such as Escort Istanbul and Izmir, for example. However, escort services in Turkey are illegal and unregulated, even though they promote sexual relations. Some escorts publish a thorough list of sexual activities they are willing and reluctant to provide, explaining pricing information and providing a handbook about the kind of hotels they are eager to stay at and the product brands they prefer — if a client wishes to purchase gifts. There’s no minimum age to access any of these websites.

Also, escort services for men and women that supply male and transgender escorts have grown in popularity. Baris, a young man in his early 30s, was the escort Al-Monitor spoke with.

Baris began escorting while still in college. To attend an art event with a divorced friend of my mother’s, she invited me to join her. It had nothing to do with money. Why not, I reasoned. There was a job for me there. To a large extent, this has taken over my life as of late. My services include massages and personal training sessions. I only go out with females.”

The ending words

Then there are guidelines to follow. “I never participate in unprotected sex,” Baris declared. To me, this is the most significant issue facing our industry. Customers should go on if someone agrees to forego using a condom. A night can cost anything from $1,000 to $3,000, according to Baris. Women who use these services are generally content with having their handsome escorts seen out in public. We always want an end of this cruel act and this cruelty soon .

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