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Purposes, types and bathroom door signs

Often, in order to find the right door or to make sure that our actions are correct, we have to seek help from strangers and ask questions that seem out of place to us. Signs with symbols make this task easy. If you own a large hotel, consider how a system of signs will make it easier for your customers. And they will help managers of offices and business centers in organizing work process.


For any organization, door signs have very different purposes. They determine the status of a person, his occupation or team inside the building:

  • In government agencies, signs on the doors of offices are in great demand along with names, positions held and hours of reception of citizens.
  • In private apartments, where numbers of rooms, names of teachers and teachers are indicated.
  • In hotels and entertainment centers, there are information signs on the doors of the elevator, utility room, toilet.

All inscriptions create a sense of reliability of any organization; instill confidence in every person who is behind such a door. Products can be souvenir, images on the door, with drawings or inscriptions on them.

There are a few types of signs:

Volumetric – Such inscriptions on the doors are perceived by visitors much better, they are remembered faster and make a good impression. The door plates are made by laser cutting colored acrylic. After cutting letters, logos, ornaments, they are mounted on base using powerful adhesive systems, which allows  products to retain their original appearance for many years.

They can have a logo, tactile braille (ADA),  QR code.

Bathroom & Toilet Plates

Bathroom and toilet in any room –  vital elements. For any type of interior, you can purchase bathroom signs. This will make it much easier for your guests to navigate the house.

You cannot do without such toilets in public places. Toilet signs, which you can buy in our workshop, may have a different design style. Sometimes a thematic drawing is placed on its surface – toilet paper or a tap with water. This makes the purpose of any room behind the door even more obvious.

Sign on women’s and men’s toilet

Do you want to make your establishment more original? We recommend paying attention to creative information signs.

So, in bars, clubs, restaurants the sign “men’s toilet” can be an image of a mustache. It is logical to designate a toilet for ladies with a wc sign, on which a juicy kiss of female lips flaunts. The sign on the toilet is occupied / free can be made in the form of road signs. If a toilet is not working, its sign may look like a brick road sign.

Themed inscriptions “enter” – “exit” – unusual and at the same time understandable – will help to navigate in the office toilet. Such signs for an office toilet will add creativity to the usual boring atmosphere of office life. 

Toilet sign making

BSign has a wide selection of information signs to suit most needs. Our assortment includes door signs  made of stainless steel. The catalog contains signs: “smoking area”, “wet floor”, various wc signs. You can buy our products in a few clicks without leaving your computer. After choosing a product and completing an application, we will contact you to clarify the delivery method convenient for you and its cost.

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