PVC Plantation Shutters: A complete guide

If you’re looking for something to cover your windows, like shutters or shutters, there are many different options, from roller shutters to plantation shutters. Australia is a country that means you need to carefully consider your options. High temperatures and variable humidity can make a mess of poorly chosen blinds if you use the wrong material, so it’s important to make sure you’re making the right choice. For the most part, if you want something that looks sharp and will last a long time even in the harsh conditions of central Australia, that means equipping your home with PVC plantation shutters.

What are PVC Plantation Shutters?

PVC plantation shutters are a specific style of shutters made from polymer PVC. These consist of a frame with flat slats that, even when closed, provide shade and a little obstruction to the window without completely blocking it. This makes them an excellent choice for use in hot weather, as they allow air to pass through when closed while keeping the worst of the sun out of the room.

Most plantation shutters are made of wood and look great but don’t necessarily adapt well to the climate, especially in humid areas where heat and moisture can warp the wood and wedge the shutters. If you live in this environment, you’ll want something a little more reliable, and that’s where PVC plantation shutters come in. These look just like real wood, but are made of PVC material surrounding a solid lightweight aluminum core, making them almost completely indestructible without compromising the look of classic plantation shutters!

When should PVC plantation shutters be used?

If you want a classic style for your windows, PVC plantation shutters are a great choice for any part of your home. They work well inside and outside your home and look good in almost any setting. However, the biggest advantage of PVC as a material is that it does not deform in sunlight or expand when wet. this makes pvc plantation shutters the absolute best choice for homes in humid environments, or for windows (such as bathroom windows) where there is often a lot of moisture. For the most part, they’re virtually indistinguishable from real wood shutters, so you can mix and match between them if you want! Keep in mind that PVC shutters not only offer many functional advantages over wood shutters, they are also significantly less expensive!

Install DIY Plantation Shutters

When you buy a set of DIY shutters or plantation shutters, you will find that they are assembled, the only thing you need to assemble is the frame. The good news is that it’s a relatively simple process, and you can set up new blinds on your own without much difficulty and without the expense of hiring the services of a professional.

First, you need to assemble the frame. Use the included Hoffman key and rubber mallet to do this. Once this is done, it’s time to start preparing the window. Lay the frame of the shutter over the window and use a level to make sure it’s perfectly straight and even. If it’s uneven, your plantation shutters won’t open and close smoothly, so it’s worth taking the time to make sure this step goes smoothly. Once you’re sure it’s completely flat, you can screw the frame into the window using 75mm screws, using the packer to make sure it’s level and centered within the opening.

When the frame is securely attached to the window, all you need to do is attach the panel of the plantation shutter to the frame. If you ordered a set of PVC plantation shutters online, the hinges should already be attached to the panels. All that’s left is to hook those hinges together by dropping the hinge pins. Starting with the top hinge, align the two sections and gently lower the pin down the center of the hinge. Once you’ve done that, you’re done and your blinds are ready to use!

What to look for when buying PVC shutters?

Buy PVC shutters. Of course, you know the claim about a low-end product that looks or feels different than a premium product, and certainly doesn’t last. But did you know that buying cheap PVC blinds can also be bad for your health?

PVC blinds are an excellent and completely safe addition to the home – when you’re shopping for high-quality, non-toxic blinds. However, low-quality, cheap PVC shutters are made of poor-quality materials that release formaldehyde, a carcinogen, when they get hot. That means every time sunlight hits your window, you’re at risk of inhaling a toxin known to cause asthma and a host of other respiratory problems.

If that’s not enough warning, common tricks from cheap manufacturers include making hollow blinds without treating them with UV stabilizers, which can warp and/or yellow your curtains. Unattractive or unacceptable!

Non-toxic certification

As we pointed out, cheap PVC shutters emit some pretty nasty chemicals. For this reason, it is important to only buy from manufacturers who have tested their products for these toxins and can provide proof of this.

Product quality assurance

When manufacturers or suppliers have nothing to hide, they are more than happy to include product and component warranties in their PVC shutters. Don’t settle for anything less.

Look and feel

Experts aren’t always on hand during the shopping experience, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t do some quick tests yourself. Quality PVC shutters have some weight on them, and aluminum is the first choice for blade inserts. They certainly don’t sound hollow when you click on them.

In conclusion

If you want a classic, stylish window look but are concerned about warping wooden shutters, a set of PVC plantation shutters is the perfect solution. Combining all the flair of a classic wooden plantation shutter with an extremely durable PVC and aluminum construction, these shutters are lightweight, stylish and almost completely indestructible, making them perfect for almost any situation, regardless of temperature or humidity!

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