Quick Buying Guide for Air Purifiers?

Having an air purifier is necessary for every house in this day and age. 

The best HEPA air purifier can give you clean and breathable indoor space. Air purifiers come in as a respite and knock out all the toxicity, pollen and allergen from your house, allowing you to exist in a better environment.

Here’s a short buying guide to help you choose the best.

What is an Air Purifier?

From deodorants to cleaning agents, several things conspire together to pollute the inside of your house. Air purifiers control the purity of your house environment by flushing out allergens, pet hair, dust, pollen, and several other invisible pollutants. 

Some air purifiers also absorb funny odours that emanate from varnishes and paints. It’s a must for little kids and people with asthma, respiratory diseases, and allergies.

Cases Where You Need an Air Purifier

It is essential to understand your requirements to find the air purifier that fits your bill. Here are some situations where an air purifier will be genuinely helpful for you!

  • If you have pets, get an air purifier with powerful pre-filters. It will prevent you from inhaling pet hair.
  • Get the best HEPA air purifier with TRUE HEPA filters if you have asthma. Say no to an ozone-based cleaner. 
  • If you believe that your house consists of several allergens, get an air purifier with TRUE HEPA filter technology.
  • If you live in an area where construction happens often, get an air purifier with secure pre-filters. Replace these pre-filters often. 
  • If you live in an industrial zone, an air purifier with an activated carbon filter will be great. It would eliminate all the unpleasant odours.
  • Get the best HEPA air purifier or one with a pre-filter if you suffer from poor immunity or are on dialysis.

Types and Levels of Filters to Consider Before Buying Air Purifier

Every air purifier comes with different technology and features. But the most important is the varying filters, so which one do you pick? Here’s a quick look at all the types of filters available.

  • Genuine HEPA filters purify the air from pollens, dust, animal skin, pet hair and dander, and mould spores. It removes up to 99% particles, even ones as small as 0.3 microns. The filter’s size, construction, and the material will impact the purifier’s performance.
  • Germicidal and Antibacterial filters work great in eradicating harmful germs and bacteria.
  • The photocatalytic oxidation filter removes all the chemicals during the filtration process, thanks to the UV light and metal plate coated with titanium dioxide.
  • Charged Media filters can flush out particles with 0.1 microns! The particle filtration works in sync with the electrostatic charge filter. It requires frequent changes to work best.
  • A UV filter is often employed at hospitals, labs, and kitchens. It sterilises the air and minimises the chances of airborne infections.
  • Activated carbon filters work with other filters. This filter absorbs all the gases and odours and neutralises fumes, chemicals, smoke, and food smells.

Wrapping Up

Many research studies suggest that air filtration has a positive impact on a person’s overall health and well-being. 

The Covid19 pandemic has put a perpetual mask on our face every time we run an errand outside. Thus, when coming back home, the air you breathe must have superior quality so that you can rest easy! 

Hopefully, this guide will nudge you in the positive direction of investing in an air purifier to improve indoor air quality.


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