Raiser’s Edge vs Salesforce NPSP: Similarities, Differences & Advantages of Both Systems

Many not-for-profit organizations make the choice between Raiser’s Edge donor relationship management and fundraising software and the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack. There are several factors to consider in a Blackbaud vs Salesforce comparison, such as software features and whether a nonprofit stands to benefit from a Blackbaud Salesforce integration. Find out more about the similarities and differences of both suites of constituent relationship management software as well as the advantages Raiser’s Edge and Salesforce NPSP offer nonprofits.

Raisers Edge Donor Segmentation Feature

Most CRM software allows users to run queries and sort records on the basis of custom parameters. Raiser’s Edge has powerful segmentation tools. These resources can be challenging to use, especially when nonprofit staff need to customize queries. It can also be difficult to export segmented records to external applications, such as email marketing tools.

Salesforce NPSP also allows for customer segmentation. The big difference is that Salesforce donation management draws on data from external fundraising software and has more support for exporting data to other third-party applications. If you are looking for a unified solution for managing constituents and donations, the steep learning curve of Raiser’s Edge may be worthwhile. If a greater level of customization is appealing, take a closer look at Salesforce for Nonprofits.

Salesforce – High Amount of Customization

Salesforce NPSP is more compatible with external applications used by nonprofits than Raiser’s Edge. This platform is also more open to customization on every level. Salesforce Certification is very helpful to get knowledge of the software. Stakeholders should recognize that this strength often comes at the cost of a more involved implementation process. Optimized workflows that are custom-built for an organization can be achieved through integration.

Integration software is the best way to connect multiple platforms, regardless of the CRM in use at a nonprofit. While Salesforce NPSP offers support for hundreds of applications through the AppExchange, dedicated integration software made for nonprofits has the resources needed to connect platforms that have limited or no support.

Make An Informed CRM Choice

The CRM nonprofit stakeholders use will determine the necessary integration measures. It is important to recognize the technical differences between the leading not-for-profit CRM software as well as distinctions in terms of licensing costs. In general, licensing Raiser’s Edge costs more than Salesforce, but this system combines CRM and fundraising functionality. Raiser’s Edge may also be easier to set up.

Salesforce NPSP allows nonprofits to participate in the Power of Us Program, which includes 10 subscriptions along with a primary license and offers additional licenses at an affordable price. The challenges posed by integration vary based on the platform and will require more or less setup and development during implementation.

Raiser’s Edge is the better choice for midsize to large nonprofits seeking a unified solution for managing constituent records and processing donations. Salesforce NPSP is ideal for midsize, large or enterprise-level nonprofits, but must be connected to third-party resources for fundraising and donor communication. Based on the structure of a nonprofit, integrating both of these platforms could also be useful for taking advantage of the analytical and customizable strengths of Raiser’s Edge and Salesforce NPSP. Also you can check Salesforce doc gen for generating documents in salesforce.

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