Recruitment agencies- The Perfect Liaison

The world has become smaller and is now a global economy. As a result, companies can now invest in different talent pools across geographical locations across the globe. Therefore, facilitating and helping both employers and employees to meet and connect is the primary job of recruitment or an employment agency.

The best recruitment agencies in UAE, Europe, USA, etc. act as a facilitator helping connect companies and appropriate candidates. With globalization of the business world, recruitment agencies like Boardsi have gained more importance.

Why do employers need recruitment agencies?

  • Recruiting new talent for the organization is a time-consuming and cumbersome process.
  • It involves advertising, screening through emails and phone calls, scheduling, and conducting the interview process. Sometimes, finding the right employee is a daunting task.
  • Employers need people who are qualified and suit the job profile.
  • The companies often don’t have the time, or the resources required to conduct this search. So they employ the services of a recruitment agency or an employment agency to do the job for them.
  • If a recruitment agency is involved in the hiring process, employers enter the foray only during the interview process.

How do they work for the employers?

  • The Employers send out a list of vacancies in their organization and the required qualification and job descriptions to the recruitment agency.
  • The Employment Agencies then scout for suitable candidates from their database, job portals or social media platforms.
  • Then starts the tedious process of screening every application. This is done keeping in mind the job profile, qualification, and the type of organizational structure of the company.
  • The recruitment agencies send the employers the CVs of the candidates they feel are a good fit for the job. They also conduct background checks and police verification (when required).
  • Most employment agencies conduct an initial interview in which the candidate is interviewed, and only then is the CV passed on to the employer.
  • The agencies stay on in the process until the candidate’s legal contracts and paperwork are complete.

Why do Candidates need Recruitment Agencies?

  • Finding a job in today’s day and time is a difficult task. An employment agency acts as the go-between the candidate and the recruiter. Therefore, using a recruitment agency has a lot of advantages.
  • Most of the recruitment agencies already have a lot of job vacancies listed with them.
  • Over a period, these agencies have built up an excellent client relationship which allows you access to the cream of jobs in your field of expertise.
  • Most reputed recruitment agencies will advise you on best practices in presenting your resume and giving you pointers on writing the cover letter.
  • They have experts in your field available for interview training and to guide and advise you through the process.
  • You will have help through the hiring process till you don’t land a job.
  • You will have access to client and interview feedback which helps you better your performance.
  • The recruitment agencies are beneficial for senior candidates who are changing jobs later in their careers.
  • They can locate and get answers from tardy employers, which the candidate is unable to do. This is especially the case for people who are looking for senior-level jobs.
  • If the employment agency is a reputed one, it will have job vacancies at all listed levels. As a result, your placement is faster, and the chances of getting a job in tech companies are also higher.
  • The job placements secured through an employment agency usually turn out to be a better match for both- the employer and the employee as the recruitment firm is familiar with the requirements of both parties.

The Role Of the agency once the Job has been finalized:

  • The Recruitment agency’s role continues even after you have secured the job. They act as a liaison between you and your employer till you start the job.
  • They help with the drawing up of contracts, submitting and reviewing paperwork, and signing of the documents as well.
  • They also help negotiate the salary and benefits of the job. They ensure that it is favourable to both parties. This phase benefits them as a firm as they can enhance their market reputation as well.
  • Most of these recruitment agencies have branches worldwide, especially in employment hubs like Dubai, Europe, the USA, etc.

The Change in the role of Recruitment agencies due to COVID-19:

  • COVID-19 changed the way the global economy operated. Recruitment agencies used to have a mix of telephonic and video interviews for the first round. They then proceeded to the subsequent evaluations and final interviews which were conducted in person. Recruitment agencies now had to adapt and adopt technology-aided recruitment tools to help with the complete process of screening, evaluation and recruitment. The forerunners in the field embraced the comprehensive virtual model of HR recruitment based on analysis-driven recruitment decisions. The use of various online assessments, online coding tests, psychometric evaluations form the base of the virtual recruitment process. Industry experts believe that this model is here to stay, with a few modifications that involve more in-person interaction.
  • The virtual recruitment process is now followed by the best recruitment agencies in Dubai, Europe, the USA, and practically all over the globe.

Recruitment is a time-consuming and laborious process for the employer. It is also a lonely road to travel alone on the part of the candidate. This is the gap the recruitment agencies can bridge between the employer and the candidate.

Due to the globalization of the economy, the geographical location of a candidate doesn’t matter anymore. Therefore, candidates can avail themselves of the employment agencies in Dubai, Europe, etc. Regardless of their place of origin, these agencies can help with the recruitment process as most of them follow the comprehensive online recruitment model. Therefore, for any candidate looking for a job across the world, it is prudent that they research and find the best recruitment agencies in Dubai and other places which are known to be commercial and industrial hubs and secure the jobs of their choice.

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