The Role of Digital Technology in Child Protection

Dangers are everywhere: children can not only get lost on the street, but they can also see inappropriate content on the Internet or fall victim to criminals online. Let’s consider technologies that help parents protect their children. Check more apps at appslikethese

Why is it time to use technology to protect children?

Children spend considerably more time online. According to statistics, every year in the world about 8 million children are lost. And if we make the calculations, we get 50 children per day. That is why gadgets for child safety are so relevant nowadays. Also, about 80% of children spend on average three hours a day online, and every seventh child spends 8 hours or more. Of course, technology has both positive and negative sides. But today we’re talking about how they keep our children safe. 

How to protect children?

Child communicators and trackers

With the help of trackers via remote access parents can monitor the children’s movements on Google maps, see all their routes, travel time, and even the number of steps taken. If you want, you can set territorial boundaries that your child shouldn’t cross – then parents will be notified accordingly. In this case, it is necessary to install a special mobile application on a smartphone or tablet, which will communicate with the watch or bracelet via Bluetooth. Such devices are charged via USB or powered by an ordinary watch battery, which lasts for several months.

Communicators are equipped with a GPS navigation system and the notification function, which sends messages to the parents’ phone about the location of the child. You can designate a period of monitoring a certain time interval, as well as set other parameters and settings. The gadget has a panic button, with which the child in an emergency situation will instantly contact the parents. It is also convenient that the device, which usually resembles a watch, is worn on the wrist, so it is difficult to lose it.

Trackers are also equipped with functions of voice command recognition. This allows the child to instantly call in an emergency situation with an alarm button.

What kind of GPS trackers for kids are available?

Verizon GizmoWatch 2

The GizmoWatch 2 is a smartwatch with features for kids and their parents. Kids can text and call from the watch, and parents can track their child’s steps and set reminders for each day.

The GizmoWatch has room for 10 pre-programmed numbers for family, neighbors, and trusted friends. If your child is in an emergency or wants to check in, they can select one of these numbers and send a pre-written message.


The Geozilla GPS tracker is suitable for inquisitive children. Its worldwide GPS coverage and SOS feature make it easy for your child to contact a parent.

The wearable tracker’s battery lasts up to five days (or 120 hours).

The Geozilla app includes many bonus features that make it easy to track and communicate with your child. Benefits include a history of your child’s locations.


In addition to the many tracking features, AngelSense’s voice communication feature allows parents to hear how their child’s day is going, ensuring that they are not mistreated or lost.

With AngelCall two-way voice communication, a parent can talk to their child at any time without pressing any buttons.

AngelSense also allows you to create a special safety zone, and if the child goes outside that zone, an alert will come to the parent’s device.


Net Nanny is web filtering, location tracking, and app management on Android and iOS devices in one app. The app also works on Amazon Kindle Fire tablets, Windows and Mac, and Chrome OS devices that support Google Play.

Unlike Net Nanny, Norton Family offers text message logging and monitoring, but only on Android devices. It also lets you monitor Windows PCs, but not Macs.

Parents on a tight budget should consider Kaspersky Safe Kids. Its free version includes web monitoring, time limits, and app management. It works on regular PCs and Macs.

EKavach is an app that you can install on your Android and iOS devices. It is suitable for families with inquisitive children who like to consult Google frequently. With eKavach, your child is free to browse the Web as the app filters out anything he or she shouldn’t see. It also allows remote monitoring to help you keep track of what your child is encountering.

Other Technology

The Dropcam HD video surveillance system is great for when your child needs to be left with a babysitter. This allows the parent to remotely monitor and control what’s going on at home.

The KidSmart voice smoke alarm allows a family member to record a warning and message with instructions on how to save the children. It’s worth noting that it’s designed as a complementary solution, not a replacement for other protected smoke detectors in the home. With it, parents can record a voice with instructions on what to do in case of an emergency.

Summing Up

Today, gadgets play an invaluable role in human life. They are our helpers, loyal companions, means of entertainment. Developers of mobile applications and computer programs make inconceivably useful devices. 

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