Reusable coffee cups and safety

According to Statista, coffee is among the most consumed beverages in the world. Most coffee drinkers prefer disposable coffee cups. Reusable coffee cups are the way to go. Nevertheless, they come with some safety concerns.

Advantages of reusable coffee cups

We are living in challenging times; the world is fighting a disease like Covid-19. These diseases spread through contact. Thus, some may prefer disposable Coffee cups to reusable coffee cups. This article talks about reusable coffee cups and how you can avoid sharing them by choosing personal designer reusable coffee cups.

Why should you choose reusable coffee cups? 

1.You will save money. 

It applies to both the seller and the customer. Restaurants are incurring costs buying disposable coffee cups. If we carry reusable coffee cups, they will have no option but to adjust the price as per the current practices. Some coffee sellers like Starbucks are offering discounts to customers who bring reusable coffee cups. Others like Waitrose are going further to offer free drinks if you carry a reusable coffee cup.

 2.You are saving the environment.

Disposable coffee cups are destroying the environment at an alarming rate because most of these cups are single-use plastics. Some governments are considering increasing the tax on disposable items like coffee cups and dishes. A good example is the United Kingdom. In the United States, single-use plastic bags are illegal in California and New York. That’s why you should consider a reusable coffee cup.

3. You can use them in a microwave.

Many coffee drinkers are opting for reusable coffee cups. Most people go for disposable cups because they are easy to use; drink and throw them away! But, unfortunately, they will melt in a microwave. Unlike disposable cups, you can warm your coffee in a microwave using a reusable coffee, like if it’s made of glass or ceramic.

4.A sense of identity. 

Are you a lover of designer reusable coffee cups? These suppliers develop these unique reusable coffee cups according to your demands. They come in many styles. You will enjoy the coffee aroma from handmade cups that represent some emotions. For example, when hosting your grandparents, you can choose a marbled porcelain cup to depict the atmosphere.

5. It’s fun and lovely.

Let’s assume you are going to have a caffeinated evening with your family. If you give the kids a choice to choose their favourite cup, you will be surprised. They will shout their favourite idols. Go for designer reusable coffee cups. For example, a ceramic cup in the form of a space shuttle or the Spiderman! Kids like superheroes. Then, choose a woven porcelain cup for your wife or husband. This type of cup carries a profound message. It takes a lot of effort to weave; therefore it may represent the effort you are putting into your relationship

Types of designer reusable coffee cups that you can choose

1. Ceramic coffee cups

Most coffee in our popular restaurants is made from ceramic. Most hotels usually print the type of coffee on these ceramic mugs, such as cappuccino, latte, or Americano. Ceramic accepts so many modifications and designs. You can easily print on ceramic to produce fancy designs.

2. China coffee cups

Do you like taking your coffee using these small china cups? These reusable cups are so attractive. The outer part of the cup covers by some unique Chinese art that will make your caffeine break memorable. People buy Chinese cups as souvenirs. These cups are for use by the whole family. On the other hand, some contain lead; hence, you should not use it in a microwave.

3. Glass coffee cups

A reusable coffee glass is quite engaging. It will give you an opportunity level and colour of your coffee. It’s captivating to observe the bubbles through the glass. Glass can be moulded into several shapes according to the coffee drinker. Some coffee glassed come with two or three layers with varying illusions. Unfortunately, glass is very delicate. It can crack if you pour scorching drinks when the glass is cold. It would be best if you disposed of it when you notice any crack. Additionally, young children should be monitored when using reusable coffee glasses. Glass is easy to clean and can use in a microwave.

4. Stainless steel coffee cups, the travelling mug

Stainless steel takes the most space in our kitchens. Reusable coffee steel cups can be reinforced with a poor conductor of heat on the outside to conserve heat. You will need this one when walking a dog or travelling. The designers will customize them according to your wants. The outside cover can have some unique colours. Most coffee lovers when travelling prefer this reusable cup. These cups are safe to use for adults and kids.

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