Rights And Obligations After Getting a Green Card in Oregon

Those people who have become lawful residents of the U.S. are given green cards. In terms of why these cards are called green cards, there is an interesting story. In the initial days, the cards that were issued to immigrants to establish their legal status used to be green in color. However, even though over time the look has changed, the name has been retained. As per Vanderwall Immigration, here are some obligations of an immigrant after receiving a green card. 

What happens after you get a green card?

When you are given a green card, you are basically granted the right to live in the country. However, the right comes with certain rules. One of which is that you cannot get involved in any crime that calls for deportation. 

It should also be noted that those who got their green cards are now also eligible to work in the United States. Also, if anything were to happen to them, the U.S. laws will protect them. Moreover, they cannot be denied entry to the U.S. if they travel to another country and try to re-enter. There is an exception, unless they have done something wrong or got involved in a crime, re-entry cannot be denied. 

Another important factor is that immigrants who have a green card can apply for  U.S. citizenship. However, they will have to wait for five years to be able to do that. Just in case the immigrant is married to someone who is a citizen of the United States, the waiting period is three years. 

You should also note that if you are a citizen of the United States or have permanent residence, you can also have the right to file a petition for your family members’s green card. 

Final thoughts:

In terms of what obligations you have, once you get your green card, you are required to abide by the laws of the nation. Moreover, like any other citizen, you will also have to file tax returns and report whatever your earnings are. In addition, you should also have the best interests of the nation at heart and should support the law and the government. Lastly, if you are a male who is between the ages of 18 to 25, you will have to opt for selective service in the nation.

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