Risk factors of Heart Disease – When to Visit a Cardiologist in Aventura

Have you ever experienced sharp pain in your left arm out of nowhere or severe pain in the chest? Have you ever seen a person suddenly clutching their chest just after hearing sudden exciting news? These are the situations which you can encounter in your daily life. But the hidden symptoms which lead to these situations are often ignored by us. Though there are many cardiologists, Ariel Soffer MD, FACC, is one of the best cardiologists in Aventura.

This post will discuss the risk factors of heart disease and when to see a cardiologist.

  • Difficulty breathing while climbing stairs – Were you able to climb three flights of stairs in the past? But now, you can not even climb 1 flight of stairs without shortness of breath.
  • Sudden chest pains – If you are feeling sudden chest pains, especially at night, you should visit a cardiologist.
  • Palpitations – You can hear your heart beating fast while doing any physical work or sometimes at rest. 
  • Chronic smoker– Smoking is the ultimate enemy. The more you consume Cigarettes, the more it will destroy you. Chronic smokers are those people who have the urge to smoke after every meal, before going to sleep, and as soon as they wake up. Keep in mind that these habits can ultimately lead to your demise. 
  • Diabetic– An increase in blood glucose level will shorten your arteries and make you more prone to heart diseases.
  • High Blood Pressure– High-pressure blood flow will damage your arteries, and the body repair process will shorten the vessel’s lumen and make you more susceptible to heart diseases.
  • High cholesterol levels– Apple is your friend, and a burger is your enemy. Repeat this mantra and stay away from heart disease
  • Lack of physical activity – Spending more hours sitting in a chair for work or lying down on your comfortable bed for leisure is as harmful as having an oily cholesterol full meal a day.
  • Obese – Staying healthy is the most important thing. External physical fitness will bring you internal mental peace too.
  • Family History of Heart disease– Genetics plays a vital role in your health. Nowadays, with new research, you can connect a lot of conditions with specific genes. It increases our chances to find a cure for the disease too.


Suppose you experience any of these signs and symptoms, it would be best to visit the nearest cardiologist as soon as possible. Early recognition of signs and symptoms can decrease morbidity.

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