Shalkal Heating the Industry With His New Song

Shalkal released his new song on September 7th,2022 and the lyrics are full of inspiration. Inspired by the realization of the blessings he’s received through God, the song’s lyrics are jab-like and encouraging. They evoke a broader legacy while encouraging the listener to put God first in order to fuel their dreams. It’s an uplifting song that’s a must-listen for anyone looking to get inspired and change the world.

Shalkal’s mourning

The dancehall and reggae singer Shalkal is in a state of mourning after the death of his father. His father passed away a week ago, and fans are mourning with him, sharing their condolences on social media. Many other Jamaican celebrities also attended the funeral.

Shalkal is popular worldwide

The music of Shalkal is known worldwide and is popular on YouTube and Discogs. The band has been featured in the Put God First book and on various music streaming services. Shalkal has built a new townhouse complex in Jamaica. The new complex is called “Bella Rula.”

Musical style of Shalkal is an inspiration for beginners

The popular Jamaican reggae and dancehall singer Shalkal Carty is one of the most prolific artists in the genre. His music is known for using metaphors from Jamaica in its lyrics. In an interview with Urban Islandz, Shalkal explained his musical style, the concept behind his hit single “Ghetto Party,” and the recording process.


Shalkal drew inspiration from his own upbringing. During his early years, he participated in poetry competitions and he also struggled with various problems in life. Currently, he works at a prestigious real estate company in Chicago, but he continues to pursue his musical interest.

Aside from music, Shalkal is a prolific lyricist and songwriter. His latest songs have garnered an unprecedented amount of praise from his fans. Shalkal’s lyric skills are unparalleled in Dancehall music, and his lyrics are filled with riddles, metaphors, and the Jamaican landscape.

Shalkal is the present and future

Shalkal is a rising star in the entertainment industry. His recent single “Ghetto Party” featuring Epixode of Ghana is receiving positive reviews. The track was produced by Jusa Dementor and distributed by Marvment. It features an infectious rhythm and tight flow, and should become a certified hit.

Shalkal’s music is a combination of reggae and dancehall. His songs are infused with Jamaican metaphors, riddles, landscapes, and celebrations. The singer’s lyrical talent has led him to be one of the most prolific artists in the genre. He intends to produce more music and tell stories through his songs.

Shalkal’s accomplishment

Shalkal has come a long way in his life and is credited with being able to accomplish so much. His townhouse complex is called Bella Rula, and it will serve as a hub for tourists and locals alike. His success can be attributed to the presence of God in his life.

The popular Jamaican dancehall artist Shalkal is looking to expand his fan base internationally. The artist has stated in interviews that music has no boundaries and he hopes to reach an international audience through his music. His latest project has been the construction of a new townhouse complex called Bella Rula in Runaway Bay.

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